Since alot of talk about the state of the Apl for Demo is not ideal, Could we discuss here whats not right about it and how you can improve on it to maximize dps and get it alot closer to Aff.

I get the shadowflame weaving, but what else?


I am up in the air over which is best. Simcraft says to go crit>Mast>haste. I look at top parses and locks specs for demo and there Mastery>crit. So is it a personal preference, or is there some math behind mastery being better then crit, becasue of the way apl is?

Does mastery/crit affect Imps with the imp swarm?

2. To glyph or not glyph Imp swarm.

I personally love the glyph and using it with procs and ds, but simcraft doesn't use it. I understand simcraft is patchwork, but no fights are patchwork anymore. Alot of bosse have debuff phases, burn phases these days and I really think IMp Swarm is ideal for this. thoughts

3. Service or Supremacy.

With 4 piece is it really a matter of, ok, is there adds in this fight Yes> go Service. Is there no adds > go supremacy. Is there something else to consider, I understand it's another button to press, but is it just a play style thing?

4. Suggestions for 5.2

I would love Void ray to refresh the 2 stack shadowflame dot, once every 30 secs. this would up our dps alittle on single target, a bit more on aoe. If it just refreshed every time on aoe, it might be a little op, but on Single target, might bridge the gap we desire.

Another thing is to start our fury at 300 or 400 instead of 200, would mean more Meta at start and would up our dps a little on initial opening of encounter.