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    Full Crit tonight

    So I decided to go full Crit tonight and ended up with a little under 4k haste. I thought I was going to have energy issues but I actually played pretty well. We went into HoF and put a few attempts in on heroic Imperial. Got to see some of the fit and decided to switch back to normal cause we're really interested in getting Garalon down.


    Stoked out of my mind for the results. Looking forward to this week and to see what else I can do.

    Thanks everyone for the posts and ideas.

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    Looks to me like a lucky parse of crits. Full crit gem would get you no where near 50-55% crit chance. Comparatively matching if RnG is being fair, you would have done much lesser, cause in the logs you seem to be getting 50% crit chance on Blackouts and Rising Sun Kicks. Lets not even mention those Melee swings was way too lucky. I'd say just stay with the tried and true for the moment.

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    Almost every single top WW has been crit > haste since 5.1 hit. And there is no such thing as tried and true because no one can actually give accurate weights and no one even knows how to come up with them due to how stupid our mastery is right now. The class is still new and if we dont test these things, no one will ever know.

    What it comes down to is this. Do you play well enough to maximize FoF? If yes go crit, if no, go haste and leave FoF out. Most top parses are WWs who use FoF ><.
    If you have 4 piece, haste will be less effective due to how easy it is to energy cap during the 10 seconds of Energizing brew.

    Don't expect those results every fight though, when you leave so much of your damage up to crit, you can get really mixed results aka RNG.

    And no, there are no energy issues at 4k haste because Ascension is so beast.

    Personally, I prefer crit. And so does the guy who wrote the WW guide that is stickied >< http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Mihir/advanced

    I'm guessing he is just waiting to update till some solid info is out there.
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