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    Man vs. Myth: Genghis Khan's Mongol Horde vs. A Zombie Horde

    You can find the main thread (for suggestions, voting for the next round, and general discussion)

    Now for the match up.

    The Mongol Horde

    The Mongol Horde spread into the largest empire ever known to the Earth led by the brilliant and ruthless leader Genghis Khan, conquering nearly all of the known world at the time. Genghis Khan's mongol horde was the entire of nearly all the Mongolian tribes united and they used some of the most cunning battle tactics known at the time. They used psychological warfare and had in-depth scouting (as seen in their European invasion) allowing them to know everything about the land they were invading as well as having it mapped out. The mongols were the primary reason for the spread of the Black Plague throughout the world. Their weapons of choice include: The Mongol Bow, A Sword (a slightly curved Scimitar that was used for slashing, cutting, and thrusting), they used siege machines capable of being made on the battle site, and they used their own prisoners as a 'human shield' to protect their main army from the initial attacks.


    The Zombie Horde

    The Zombie is an animated corpse brought back to life, this myth originated within Africa, as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh, and has a hence then become a big figure with popular culture. The often association with zombies is that when they bite a human they will become infected and also turn into a zombie, hence starting a zombie apocalypse. They are often depicted as being slow moving but also massive in number and faster when they see flesh they would like to eat. Their only notable weapon is their own body and their teeth, however it becomes extraordinarily deadly when there are 100s of millions of them out there seeking flesh.
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    Hard to say. I think the zombies would win for a few reasons, but ima put my vote on the mongols!
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    Zombies, duh. Haven't you seen the movies?

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    I went with the Zombie Horde, because I figured it was a metaphor for Americans. Americans would wipe the floor with Mongolians.

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    Hit and run, shoot them to death.
    easy peasy.
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    Depends on two factors.

    Are these the fast sprinter type of zombies? Or are they the slow derpy kind of zombie?

    The rate at which an affected person dies and turns into a zombie would also be relevant. Anything other than instantaneous zombification would be an instant loss for the zombies.

    Otherwise the only real advatange for the mongols would be their leather armor (kinda) and their immense cavalry. And their sheer size might even be their own undoing.

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    are they mongol zombies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post

    are they mongol zombies?
    Depends if the mongols get bit or not

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    Zombies, unless you decapitate their heads you can't really stop them. And each person killed or bitten by a zombie is a +1 for the zombies.

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    Hate to say it, but this sounds like a lopsided favor of the mongols, surprisingly.

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    Genghis Khan has the best cavalry this planet has probably ever seen.
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    I'd say the Mongols. They are fast and deadly, and there were enough of them to conquer a large area, so I assume there are enough of them to handle odds up to 50-1 against them. If there are too many zombies though it becomes an impossible fight, but then I think there'd be no possible winners against them anyway if that were the case.

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    i don't believe arrows are very effectife against zombies so the mongols would have to get close to fight thenn the zombies will bite and increase in numbers! Thenn the new bigger horde will take over the entire world.

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    You really need guns to deal with zombies, cavalry and infantry are a very bad idea.
    It'd really come down to "how effective are archers".

    I'm not sure if burning arrows were really all that common but if so I think the Mongols would probably still have a fair chance, especially if they could fire from horseback.
    Else they'd have to rely on regular arrows which might still work.
    Or rocks from slings and siege machines, those would probably be excellent.

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    Not enough info honestly.Are they fast or slow zombies? What weapons hurt them?Would the zombies be dirty cheaters and nom on the horses?

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    Mongol horde, unless these are some smart zombies. I don't think they are, so the Mongol horde has a major tech advantage.

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    Well, I think the zombies would win. Mongols would probably take out a ton of them, win the first skirmish and such. Unless they knew about how the infection spread though, they'd defeat themselves. You can't trust a giant army of men to not do stupid shit like mutilate the dead bodies of their enemies. I think a lot of the Mongols would be turned by accidental infection after "beating" the zombie horde. If the battle takes long enough the Mongols might also lose to exhaustion. Large scale ancient battles could go on for days, with both armies retreating after sunset so their men could rest. The zombies wouldn't do this, and if they survived till nightfall they'd gain a huge advantage.
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    Mongols by a mile easily.

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    Arrow Mongol Horde

    Mongol Horde ....clearly ,no doubt .Who is the creator of this picture ?

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    The Mongol Horde gets my vote easily.

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