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    Logitech G510 and Coding questions

    So, I am looking at the G510 (or any keyboard with macro buttons) and have a question:

    For coding, let's say HTML (this is for my g/f, my HTML knowledge is.. let's not go there) and I use code X or Y a lot. is it possible to use the MR button to put that code into a macro button to make them easier to put in there?

    Or, is there another keyboard that does this? (around 80-100 euro)

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    All programmable keyboards with macro buttons can do what you're asking for, but there are some length limitations of how many keypresses you can program into the buttons.

    I'd rather look into proper typing keyboard, preferably mechanical, and a good code editor program that can do the repetitive tasks automatically.
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    problem is that I want the macro buttons for gaming as well, and a good mechanical keyboard with macro buttons in that pricerange? not available.

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    Honestly, if she used some code quite a lot, then she'd make a couple of files with it all in, and just edit what she needs to.

    Like for a table:
    then copy the stuff inside the table to create a new row, with 3 cells or columns.
    Though, using a table for PHP is much more fun because you can iterate the amounts with for loops, (assuming a database is involved at all).
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    Why not just use a proper coding editor with snippet and macro support? For OS X there is the excellent TextMate 2, for Windows I have no idea, but if I am not mistaken Sublime Text 2 also has this kind of functionality.

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    Ended up with a Corsair K90 keyboard. Mechanical for coding is awesome

    Thanks for the help all

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