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    RIFT expansion of the year - Massively VOTE!

    Come on guys vote for rift at Massively pole!
    MOP is a bit ahead us after being first for the rest of the time

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    Something Else Online xpac seems to be doing well too. My bets are on SEO xpac. Great game! ...
    by Aurust :
    Although i havent played it, there is I believe enough info to form a valid opinion.
    To give my opinion on the new WOW xpac..... Ive played enough wow to know MOP is a complete disaster..... I visualized playing it in my head and it was bad.

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    lol, pirate101...never even heard of it. Want to know why it's so high?

    It's because Pirate 101 had the vote tied into it's downloader, if you were checking out the game or just wanting to see the vote status and clicked the link you voted for Pirate 101. A lot of company's are doing this now on several sites and awards, it's kind of a cheap way to do it since most the other top game company's don't , so they score lower.
    I don't think voting in this poll is going to make a difference. The results aren't going to be valid anyways.

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