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    After reducing/removing grind for the past two expansions Blizzard randomly decided that it'd be great to make the game grindier than even tbc. They don't realize it yet but they've pushed away more players with this decision alone than they did with "hard heroics" in cataclysm.
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    Not sure how Blizz does it. They get questioned for making stuff too hard (Vanilla, TBC), so they decide to make stuff easier (LK, Cata). Then they get yelled at for making it TOO easy, and decide to put some challenge back into it (MoP). In a game full of Hardcores and Casuals, it's easy to see why Blizz just shrugs off most stuff. If we've learned anything, it is that players want the best of both worlds and seldom get both at the same time.

    OT: I think the level and the progression is fine where it sits. Any faster and raiders will get bored, any slower and they will quit. Blizz had to find a happy medium and I think they have it. If people would just go for their Loremaster in Pandaria, they would discover in the end they will already be honored with the factions holding the gear and could then spend Valor as fast as they can make it without having to do more than a couple weeks of dailies. Blizz cannot fix "people in a rush to 509 gear". Your pressure to raid should not be their fault. There are plenty of raiders out there who do what is necessary (dailies or other) to get the gear they need to complete 16/16 Tier 14-25M content.

    Proof: Raid Progress: Tier 14 25M

    Things are moving just fine. No real need to try and fix something that will never make everyone happy.

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    I believe the point cap was put in place so that players wouldn't feel the need to do everything every day. Instead they just need to do a combination of activities that will allow them to gain 1000 points over the week. The original intent on badge/valor gear was that it was a side reward for raiding to fill in slots that you still needed due to bad RNG.
    Alternatively players who have a job aren't at a disadvantage when compared to players who have no job or life. They both earn a maximum of 1000.

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