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    Rarest Battle Pet

    Just curious, I just got a Hyacinth Macaw out of a extra reward bag for a 5 man and was wondering is this still the rarest pet in game? I noticed 4 on my realm AH and the rare quality Imperial Moth's seemed to be more expensive. Is there some damn near impossible to get / farm pet out there and if so, what is it?

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    Tyrael's Hilt? Only through the WWI event (got one myself) besides that the Macaw, Moth or Minfernal

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    Macaw isn't really rare at all these days, it can drop from any mob in northern or cape of STV, i've personally seen 3 drop.

    Apart from the one time event pets, there isn't much in it.

    Gundrak hatchling is quite rare, same with the little dragons ( crimson, blue, green, black), all being under 1%

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    Scourged damn Whelpling
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    Scourged Whelpling is probably the most rare I have now, unless I count some promotion pet like the one for the Olympic thingy many many years ago.
    But the most rare obtainable right now I think is the damn mini infernal.
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    The only obtainable (ie. not promotional/ bought) pets i need are gun'drak hatchling (because i refuse to pay 14k gold for it -.-) , the darkmoon eye and the darkmoon rabbit so i would vote for one of them...

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    The rarest still appear to be promotional pets and rare TCG ones. Couple of achievement pets in there as well, but they're new so the stats are skewed.

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    Whatever the Legendary Pets are gonna be. :>

    You know. Malyguno, Moltrextrasza, Zapdormu...
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