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    Authenticator question

    Hey. My phone recently broke and it has my authenticator on it, so I've not been able to play WoW. I have 2 WoW accounts on my battle.net account, I was wondering if the authenticator applies to the whole battle.net account, or just my WoW1 account? I'm not looking to remove it or anything, it will only be a problem for a few days.

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    It applies to the whole battle.net account.

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    Applies to the entire account, wow, diablo, starcraft, everything.

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    Oh, thanks I thought I would be fine, it had went a while without asking me for it... then I got dc and it asked me for it D:

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    Just contact Blizz support by phone, tell them what happened. Normally you have to supply some info about your account and they can remove the authenticator from the account.

    And next time, make sure to write down your serial and restore code, then you can recover the athenticator when such a thing happens again (or when you get a new phone).

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    This happened to me a couple of months ago. They'll probably ask you to take a pic of some ID and attach it to a ticket so they can verify it's you. If you have everything ready before you call, it shouldn't take more than 3-4 mins once you get through to them.
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