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    How was your new year celebration?

    How was your new year celebration?
    Mine was good, it was a gathering of some family and we had a game to play.
    On the way home, on the street there was a drunk girl (with a drink in her hand) yelling for a taxi how she really needs one. I asked my wife if we can pick her up, but that joke didn't go over well.

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    The Lightbringer Jakexe's Avatar
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    Pretty good. Had a smallish gathering at a friends, drinks, walk to the beach for a swim and watch the fireworks from the harbour. And back to the house for drinks and accidentally drinking a friends drink that had LSD in it so that, made the night interesting...I think.
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    Grand Marshal Hottage mrgummage's Avatar
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    Sucked where I was, no one but myself and my girlfriend. Lot of fireworks but none from our neighborhood. Looked like everyone was asleep or away
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    It was rainy and wet and cold and dark and lonely.
    So pretty good

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    Field Marshal Zooey's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    Pretty alright, only myself, played halo 4 into the new year, and then watched a movie comforting my cats who where all over the place.. *Shakes fist at fireworks*

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    Immortal UnifiedDivide's Avatar
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    United Kingdom
    I basically spent it talking to a very lovely lady friend on MSN while trying to outdo each other in drinking speed... yeah... I had fun at least!
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    Awesome. My cat and I had lots of fun together.

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    Mine was nice the husband, myself, and our three month old stayed in to avoid the drunk drivers and had a little spread with some beer, wine, and a little champagne to ring in the new year (my husband and I, of course, no alcohol for the baby lol). Played Dishonored and talked about everything that happened this past year. It was such a nice change from bar hopping.

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    Merely a Setback Immortan Rich's Avatar
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    Outer Heaven
    I am not sure, do not remember much of it.

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    The Lightbringer Istaril's Avatar
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    Scotland. Freedom and So on.
    Went to view the Fireballs in Stonehaven, too many people there though, so we couldn't get in. The Red Hot Chili Pipers were playing in the Square though, tickets to get into the main area however. So in true Aberdonian fashion, we stood outside to listen instead of paying. Fuckin' awesome stuff mind; anyone who says bagpipes sound terrible has clearly never heard Thunderstruck played on the bagpipes.

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    Stood in the Fire Seiken3's Avatar
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    Thought it'd be crap with my recent break-up with one I really liked. But with the support of my good friend Jack Daniels and a lot of other friends(real ones), I pulled through it. And hey, I got introduced to the shadow-side with some of my friends

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    The Patient
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    Mar 2011
    Galten, Denmark
    was good, drank some beers, some malibu, some cognac, somed some cigars, cigarettes, skunk, had some fun with fireworks, was awesome with 2 friends, of mine, and alot other people i dont know because i was in the other end of the country than i was used to

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    The Capable Dacien's Avatar
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    Southern California
    I woke up at midnight to a bunch of pot-banging and firecrackers. Couldn't get back to sleep for twenty minutes.

    But all in all, not too bad.

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    Merely a Setback Kangodo's Avatar
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    Meeh, it was okay.
    Almost all my friends "had" to spend it with their family and loved ones, so I had to go through it with a friend who got rejected during a date the day before.
    So we went to my pub, hoping there'd be some regulars over there but it were mostly strangers.

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    The Magniflorious Kasierith's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    St Petersburg
    It was good. Spent some time with a few people, small enough crowd that I felt comfortable with even if I would have never gone out by my own initiative. Had a few rounds rounds of whiskey and vodka, and also got to try Bacardi 252 which was..... interesting. No fireworks here, but I've always been impartial to those. Also got to watch the IT Crowd with drunk people while I was merely tipsy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dacien View Post
    I woke up at midnight to a bunch of pot-banging and firecrackers. Couldn't get back to sleep for twenty minutes.

    But all in all, not too bad.
    I was awakened by a kitten, which is an all and all glorious experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Everything Nice View Post
    It was rainy and wet and cold and dark and lonely.
    So pretty good
    I have a feeling you would love my home town
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    I had a great time, as had our guests. Quite shitty weather though, but still a heck of alot of fireworks going off.
    Was a bit shaky when I woke up today, had a bit of a hungover so sorting out all the dishes and cleaning up(nothing too bad, some small booze stains thats all) wasn't too fun, but worth it.

    Good turn up, packed house, happy and familiar faces, good drinks, good ganja, and good old tongue hockey with the missus under the stars at midnight. In short a good night.
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    Moderator Shamanic's Avatar
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    Played league of legends with my husband and a friend, watched the fireworks on TV and then watched a movie .... avoided getting freezing cold and soaking wet... made fun of my friends this morning who logged on to chat with horrible hangovers and had a big lunch with family to toast the new year today Pretty easy going.

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    Was ill, it sucked, missed my ex very much blabla you know the drill. Here's hoping 2013 - 2014 will be more fun.
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    It was ok, went to a super loud place (could swear it got 2x louder since last year). Food was good, had a pretty good time. Unlike last year, people started leaving before midnight, which was a bit perplexing.
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    The Unstoppable Force Peggle's Avatar
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    i was in London, stood at horseguards parade, a decent view, not as great as i wanted, but still pretty cool. but jesus, so many people. spending it in London with some friends was pretty fun though
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