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Thread: Dota 2 access

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    Dota 2 access

    Just to clear it out: I have searched the internet and Dota2 megathreat. Spent more then 35min.

    What is the average wait time for the free Dota2 access (now i can only check the store or watch some tournaments). I mean how long did you wait ? I have found posts that suggest even more then 5 months. It is cruel if it is true. I signed 1 week ago and I check my email every 2 hours (im so game-starved)

    Why make a free option when u have no idea whether u are gonna play it one day or not ?

    Also,I did the survey and now I wish I had not been honest. I mean what is the possibility they are gonna invite a total newbie, I am sure they prefer experienced Dota1 players.

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    I'll gladly throw you a key if you want it

    I have like 6 spare keys
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    I think it would be better if you just post this here:

    We have a megathread for DOTA 2, so it would be better to ask there.
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