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    Question, the alliance mages in the kirin tor have not be biased? Are you kiding me? Before wotlk they did not even allow blood elves in it in the first place. And to say that none of the kirin tor mages have not helped the allaince(against the horde) is laughable. The sunreavers actions were individual actions, not the whole group itself. Like Artha's purge of Strat was not done by the Paladin order, just some who choosed to take part of it.

    I like to think that in a situation like Stratholme I would try and do everything in my power to cure them rather than just killing everyone after about six seconds consideration. But then again i'm not mentally unbalanced like Arthas so.. Woop.
    There was no time, we still have not fixed the undeath problem. If he would have not killed them they would have died and would have killed so much more. Strat was a big city, I think it was as Stormwind was, would you want all of Stormwind to go undead? Think of the power they would have had if he did not do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonTargaryen View Post
    Statholme may or may not have been necessary, but if Arthas truly believed in what he was doing, his Paladin powers wouldn't have weakened.
    Something tells me that it only shows he was actually still a good person, having serious doubts about what he was doing, and feeling it was still wrong despite being necessary. Unlike those Scarlet fanatics who never had their Light wane or flicker while butchering everyone.
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    Arthas wholesale slaughtered a city to save the rest of the world from being infected by the Scourge. Jaina called for the imprisonment of less than half the population and killed those that refused to be imprisoned to save the world from what could have been a similar apocalyptic "plague."

    I gotta go with Arthas because he didn't even go the "let us put you in a dungeon and see if you turn" route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    Arthas "assumed" that all people in Stratholme were infected and slaughtered everyone there. It was his cold-hearted attitude that turned Uther away. Uther himself was shocked by his noble disciple's attitude. If you played WC3, you will know that Arthas seemed like he was trying to win the game agianst Mal'ganis out of his pride than trying his best to save his people. There's the letter wrote by Uther about young Arthas to his friend in rpg warcraft that describe what Arthas is really well.

    "The only thing that bothers me about Arthas is that he has a disturbing quality in him. Sometimes, in training, I have seen him go a little far while sparring. He is so dedicating to winning the match that he forgets that it is only for training. He lacks control; I suppose it's a sense of ruthlessness that lies under his honorable exterior. I have full confidence that he will use this dedication to battle for his people, and I look forward to testing him. Once he really wets his sword, I can begin to teach him control. I don't want to rein his power just yet, until I can see what he's capable of." Uther Lightbringer
    Cheers for that little piece of information I was lacking. Very insightful

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