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    Best place for profession / class guides

    Where's best to find a decent guide for classes ?

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    I'm also curious to where I can find class guides. With the help of a previous thread where I asked which class would fit me most, I rolled an Engineerer. But I'm wondering which builds I should prefer if I would ever want to optimalize my gameplay.

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    would like to know this aswell , i've been trying to find a decent build but there barely any thread about it.
    My main language is not english , feel free to send me a PM if i made errors that bother you , i shall try to correct it next time!

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    have you looked at the guru forums? www.guildwars2guru.com

    There is some crying there, mostly on the general forum, but there is still some decent stuff on the profession specific forums. I'd say try the official forums too but it's nothing except constant whining there.

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    Noxxic.com actually has a GW2 section that looks pretty nice. There are PvE and PvP guides for every class. Not sure how spot on it is though as I haven't logged into GW2 in a while.

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    This sub-forum *does* have a guides sticky, y'know: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...scussion-Index

    The discussion threads are a good place to get profession-related information.

    Also, I wrote a couple guides for the warrior a while back on these very forums:

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    Unfortunately I don't know where you can find proper guides.

    But I do wonder why people get as attached to these guides. I think it's fun to discover a class by yourself, I refuse to use guides.

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    www.guildwars2guru.com is a very good place for class discussion, both for PvP and PvE purposes.
    Mind you that it is mostly discussion, not complete guides.
    You could try the official forums as well, since those class forums also provide good guides, from general to very specific ones.
    You could try the class threads on this forum, but you might be in for a lot of scrolling.
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    Me personally it's just so i know what traits best suit my playstyle

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    Forums are the major source for "guides". The game isn't complex enough to spin hundreds of theory craft around.

    This is an casual action game foremost.

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    Here is a site that I didn't even think of before, not sure why I didn't as it is a great site for GW2 fans.


    It has some profession guides (and other game related guides). Not sure if your profession of choice is there but check it out.

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