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    This board is an insane asylum

    I spoke factually about Islam a few weeks back, without any bias, opinion or mal intent.

    In the same thread, someone called the slaughter of 3,000 Americans on 9/11 "deserved".

    Guess which one of us got the infraction?

    The moderators here are not sane. They preach tolerance while being utterly intolerant of views which differ from their own. They're also unable to keep their bias out of their moderation duties.

    Good bye, enjoy your circle jerk.
    What the world needs is Lesshammad.

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    Well, theres a chance that, that they didn't see that post because I'm pretty sure it would of gotten infracted, also if it was a first offensive it wouldn't of been banned. "trolling"

    Also I find it hard to see you posting a post with out being bias or "mal intent" with your signature saying what the world needs is lesshammad, and labeling all mods jerks.

    You moron

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    Moderators can't catch every bad post out there, that's why we have the report button function, so use it!

    Everyone should use it when ever you see something that could potentially be breaking the rules.

    Also, if you have problems with a moderator just PM Sunshine or Boubouille and they will take care of the "problem".

    And I'm going to close this because there's no point in leaving it open.
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