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    Should i Re-Roll a Unholy Death Knight?

    I've been on and of WoW for a while but i hope to re-roll with my LvL 80 DK, his talents and spec have been wiped. I've heard that frost consists of boring spamming obliterate once you proc killing machine. Blood, was my thing once but Death Strike has been nerfed to hell so no longer interested so the last chance for PvP for me is Unholy. Can i get some suggestions on how Unholy is played played a tiny bit of Unholy before i quit and i loved the fact that your Ghoul is totally whoop ass pet that can stun and such. I've been trying to read up on Unholy but not much has appeared. But above all how is there performance, how well are they doing in RBGS or Arena's and how fun are they?.

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    Unholy has very little representation this expansion. Frost is far superior in almost every way. Although 5.2 is giving some buffs, I think frost still benefits better from them. Blizz just left unholy out this expansion it's little to no different than it was in cata.
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    Unholy is more of a support class at the moment, with high survivability and MASSIVE aoe damage, you either play Unholy TSG with a warrior and hpally or play a dotcleave like Shadowcleave, go in multi dot everything pop cds and hope for the best, if you don't win on cds you will oom healers, Unholy dots are easillythe strongest in the game!
    Only downside to unholy is having to play in blood presence for the extra damage resistence :/
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    Unholy brings in ridiculous pressure and in 5.2 they'll have very good survivability. I defo think unholy will be a good choice for 5.2, but for now, dk's are too squishy to bring them for multi target pressure so it's better to go frost for now for the higher burst.

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