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    Imo opinion rogues are similar to that of a cata aff lock. Their utility is amazing but they are mostly just a pressure class. They can't really kill a target on their own. Their burst "can" be good if they get 2-3 crits during it but otherwise it isn't particularly strong.

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    Rogues need better mobility, and something so they don't get eaten alive by melee cleaves. 5.2 will help a lot in the utility and mobility department (also by adding more defensives to rotate), but rogues will still die in a shockwave or deep freeze far more often than other classes. I think giving feint something like 10-20% damage taken reduced while stunned would help a lot (and then let the glyph remove this second effect to give more thought into using feint).

    And yes, rogues are down there together with ele shamans, ret paladins, monks and disc priests. I'd even say that ret paladins are better off than rogues. Moonkins as well.
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    Hit and Run is looking like a cool and nifty little skill in 5.2; if the return effect (wherein you return to your original spot/decoy where you used it) has an unlimited range. Essentially you could for example run after the Flag carrier in a BG having used the skill at the half-way point of the map, grab the flag and then <10 secs later, be given a rather sizable head start back to your own base to defend.

    Shuriken change looks interesting with the ranged auto-attacking it's giving, though by far my favourite change is Shadowstep being built into the likes of Cheap Shot and Ambush (via talent I think), and Preparation being baseline too.

    Truthfully i've been happy with Rogue in 5.1, and usually groan when I see people who are stuck in the pre-Cata world events bearing their doomsday placards on forums. 5.2 is looking even better.

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    And yes, rogues are down there together with ele shamans, ret paladins, monks and disc priests. I'd even say that ret paladins are better off than rogues. Moonkins as well.
    Ret Paladins are actually pretty bad at the moment; slow as hell due to practically every skill having a CD and Holy Power requirement (on top of having through 3 HP into Inquisition every 30 secs or so), and their self-healing is practically laughable.

    What's worse, GC thinks they are 'exactly where they should be right now', which means he either doesn't play a Ret Paladin/know much about then, or else intends to make every class as sub-par as them, and frankly if they ever make Mages for example, sub-par, i'll eat my hat.
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    any chance, Blizzard finally realizes the mistakes they made?

    "Do you think the lack of distinction/identity in rogue specs is a problem? If so, would we not see a fix/revamp till 6.0?"
    -"Possibly. We want to see what the warlock revamp does to lock popularity. Risk is always alienating players who like their dude."

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    The Deathwing sword 2H was basically a purple legendary.
    Idd, i got the LFR one on my warr alt and my dps skyrocketed, the proc was just insane

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    Because they don't have Legendary Daggers anymore and they ain't that OP.
    Noobs just reroll but good Rogues adapt and continue playing.
    3k+ rating reckful is noob so he rerolled i guess.

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