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    Fist Weapon Animations

    Were they changed recently or am I just crazy? For example, I remembered watching a video on Twitch about a month ago of a troll rogue with dual Shek'zeer's, and his animations were swooping with the claws down low like a troll does, and that's actually how I remember it being.

    Now, though, when I try it in-game, it's really actually punching animations? Like, my troll is cocking his fist back and punching. Any thoughts or revelations for me?

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    I recently made a post saying the same thing about daggers. I thought I was doing sinister strike animations with dispatch rather than backstabs, although I feel like this has changed since. I think during shadow blades animations may look different? Not at home currently so cant check

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    Yes, animations do change during Shadow Blades. But my issue is that this is under normal circumstances. Might just be me and it's always been punching people when wielding fist weapons. Can any rogue that's raided in Cata/WotLK/BC with a fist weapon who remembers reply? Would appreciate.

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    Well, I know precisely what you are talking about. Fist weapons have generally used the unarmed animation. Male undead sweeping claw animation was one of my favourite.

    Have raided mostly as Assassination lately so sorry I cant be of more use

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