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    [Feral] Several conditions for WeakAuras - Help needed

    Hello everyone,
    I used to use PowerAuras, but ever since MoP, it ceased working properly. So I started using WeakAuras and I watched a few tutorials, but there is one thing I don't know how to do.
    I want to set up an aura for Rip that only lights up when the following conditions are met:
    - Action is usable (meaning it's off the GCD)
    - Current target does not have the Rip debuff
    - Current target has 5 Combo Points active

    I can make an aura for each of these conditions, but how do I make one aura that uses these as conditions?

    Another, unrelated, combat question: Tiger's Fury... I should use that as soon as it's off CD right? What about Berserk? Also on cooldown?


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    You have to add triggers, once you've added more than 1 trigger a drop down box at the top of the triggers tab will appear allowing you to set, any trigger or all triggers, make sure all triggers is set. If any is set the alert will trigger if any condition is met, if all triggers is set, the alert won't happen unless every condition is met.
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    just take a icon and give it the last 2 triggers.

    don't bother with GCD id say.

    as for berzerker. it depends on the fight.
    like elegon. will you have it back up again for the nuke phase? need it on the orbs?
    and for tigers fury id say use it asap. but make sure your low and hp and if possible line it up with trinkets / procs and maybe berzeker.
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    Thanks, mates. I got it to work. So simple... yet I managed to overlook it.
    And thanks for the tips on Berserker and TF.

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    Sorry for the bump, but I got another quick question: imagine I have 5 CP on a target and I can choose to either use Rip or Ferocious Bite... what do I prioritize when I got 5 CP? Only use Ferocious Bite if I max out on CP while Rip is still up, or first use Ferocious Bite and put Rip up if Ferocious Bite isnt available for some reason?

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