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    Ragnarok 2 MEGA FAIL

    So as a didedicated mmo player, kinda sick of wow i found that 27 december was starting open beta for ragnarok 2, in correct day at correct time i tryed to log in, i failed. Big cry was going on fun pages and fb, asiasoft said that they failed and they will try to fix it asap adding fameous blizz quote "thx for pattience and unde...." my first tho was " its cool they keep us informed updating ea hour" after 12 hr of fail tryes they said they move open beta to 3rd january 2013, again i was thinking " cool they want to fix things then let us in on working stuff".

    From 27 to 3 there was going stres tests, hard to get in, nothing for futhure play cus everything from stres test got deleted once it done etc.

    And finally today after they published results of popularity on fb and some other activites in web they said open beta will be for only FOUR countries from SEA region...

    ON fb they likes start to droping, ppl goes into rage under their last info. im just wondering how fuc*(^&% is possible to screwing things that bad, i mean cmon its not another "zynga" or other crap developer title, its ragnarok one of the most epic mmos ever , back in time ragnarok was on the top. And now that shitty company scams like 100K+ ppl just like this... its just gay! i rly hope that asiasoft as a company wont be taken as a serious buisness partner anymore speciall that they said its all cus of agreament with Gravity Co.

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    It's bad cause it's open beta only for 4 Asia country?

    Ragnarok Online has been made by an Asian company, how is this unexpected. This isn't the first game and won't be the last game for an Asian game to be beta tested only in Asia.

    Also let's use this thread.


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    It's the beginning of a beta test, not to mention it is their game. They are allowed to release it where they want to and test it where they want to, no obligation to anyone.

    There are many games that are never released in America, or even English. Being an MMO though, especially a sequel to a famous one, I'd venture that it'll come over in due time, even during some phase in the beta test.

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