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    Quick LFR loot question

    During DS, loot bonus was given based on the player's role.

    Now, I haven't needed offspec loot yet in MoP, but I do now, so my question is if the loot is given based on the spec the fight was made in, or based on the role? How does this work with charms as well?

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    Based on your spec

    The loot is granted based on the spec you were in when you killed the boss.... note that some people take exception to spec swapping and vote kick - especially toons that queue as heals and switch to dps...

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    there is a way around this.
    go into lfr with a buddy - before the boss dies make sure you are dead -> boss dies and you can get ressed -> get a res from your buddy (single or mass) -> start spamming the spec you want the loot from (qued as dps but you want tank or dps loot) make sure the spec has switch and hit the coin.

    before you could switch specs during the roll but blizzard fixed it - this method was working last night

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