We are a level 25 10-man raiding guild with 4 years of raiding experience together. Our progress right now is 6/6 and 4/6, and we are trying to fill in the slots of several players who have quit the game since Cata.

We are looking for

-Preferably not DK/Warrior, a reasonable DPS off-spec would be a nice bonus

-Elle Shammy, Mage, Druid or Shadow Priest

but these are just the best suited options, all applications will be considered.

To apply, please visit our website


and get in touch with us by filling in the form under


sections of the site.

To be considered, you need to:
-be polite and behave - we are a fun bunch but we insist on mature behaviour and respect
-have raiding experience
-install and run required applications and mods (Vent, DBM, the usual, explained on the website)
-sign up at least 3 times a week, there are raids 4, sometimes 5 nights a week (Wed, Thur, (Sat), Sun, Mon)

Thanks for the interest, and please submit applications and any questions through the website, although we will be monitoring this thread as well.