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Plugged in is an English speaking casual guild with a serious attitude towards raiding. Our aim is to complete as much of the current content as we can before the next block without raiding the long hours that hardcore guilds do.

Our raid core consists of skilled and dedicated players and because of this we expect the same standard from any applicants that wish to join us. Socials however are welcome to join without any need to apply.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 21:45 server time to 00:30 server time. We also like to do some Alt/Social raids if we can generate enough interest, this is usually done on Fridays.

During our non-raid hours there is always plenty of people online to socialize and play with, we like to chat on vent, run old content, do dailies together, PvP, etc.

Currently we are looking for a tank to join our core team. Our preference is either a Guardian Druid or a Brewmaster Monk however we would accept high standard applications from a Blood Death Knight or Protection Warrior also.

If you are interested in the guild please check out our website: http://pluggedin.enjin.com/

PM me for more information about the guild, can provide my battlenet or vent details for a chat and can also provide world of logs.

Cya in the game!