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    Navi's from Zelda.

    Hey! Listen!

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    GW2's "grouping" system. do not have to group with other people to share kill credit xp and items. Loot is duplicated for each person so everyone wins.
    nothing but empty space here bro. move along now.

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    Dynamic events. Or events of any kind, really. Stuff that makes it feel like the world is actually alive outside my little box - like everyone is not just waiting for me to come to them before anything happens.

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    Guild Wars way of banning bots.

    They actually take action vs cheaters and botters and announce bans on forums.

    You see people sell RBG boosts for irl money in trade chat, random badies with 3.7k RBG rating being reported over and over again and Bli$$ard does fuck all.

    Teras combat system also.

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    FFXI's sense of community which was mainly because there was no transferring and you couldn't rename your character and since all classes were on one character if you got a bad reputation it stayed with you.

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    I want hunter be played like an FPS shooter hahahaha

    " A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities "

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    free to play ... or free server transfers

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    Tera's combat system

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    From other fantasy MMO's ? Nothing. World events are boring as such and world bosses already returned in WoW.


    From its own Diablo 3 (after patch 1.05).

    Challenging solo play through adaptable monster power play (MP0 to MP10). The harder the mobs you beat, the more chance of getting better drops/reputations..

    This could bring in a much needed solo CHALLENGE in WoW. Imagine doing daily quests with extreme hard mobs @MP8, with more rep or loot per kill.

    The MP choice could be introduced by using the present day phasing technique so any player can choose his/her own solo difficulty.

    MP play would bring back the challenge in world solo questing, a MUCH needed alternate playing option in WoW.

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    Rift like invasions, though I believe we are getting something like that with trolls in 5.2.

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    Some players

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    FFA pvp. *nerdgasms*

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    I played Warhammer Online, got the collectors edition and everything, and overall it was a huge disappointment. But, in my eyes it got three things right:

    1. The Tome of Knowledge. A combined quest log, lore guide and achievement tracker in one. Every character you encounter has their own lore page in the tome, every zone too telling you it's history and why you're fighting there. Which is sorta cool. But the most interesting part was the bestiary. When you encounter a new enemy type for the first time, you unlock some info about them. Suppose we consider bears. Kill 100 bears, and you unlock some more info, but also a passive ability that increases your damage against bears. Finding an item in the world (i.e. Bear Pelts) relating to them might unlock an achievement, and possibly a title (The Pioneer in this case) or other reward. Kill a unique version of that enemy, and you might get a tactic fragment and also the history of that enemy. The tactic fragment could be combined with other fragments to allow you to use a tactic that increases damage against beasts in general. It also kept track of how many of each monster you killed.

    It was all very cool. It made it easy to find lore, showed you why things were in the world, but also meant you gained just from killing enemies.

    2. Public Quests. These were areas in the world where stuff was happening. You could just go along, and contribute. There'd be easy, medium and hard PQs in each zone, relating to how many players are needed to complete it. There's usually three phases. The first would be kill lots of a monster in the PQ area. This was the fishing phase, basically to allow time for several players to join in before the more interesting phase commences. Phase two would usually be an action phase; run around collecting cannon balls and gunpowder to load cannons while fending off enemies for example. Phase three would usually be some elite mob who needs everyone working together to take down. Once complete, everyone gets a contribution score depending on how much you helped, and then rolls 1-100 and adds their contribution. Top scorer gets an awesome loot bag, people lower down get progressively less interesting loot bags.

    The benefit to PQs was it helped make the world seem alive. The PQs were an excuse for a battle to be waging, for a necromancer to be summoning daemons etc, and for players to simply walk in and contribute without having to form groups or organise. They were also a nice way to get reasonable loot. If there could be balanced, they would make an excellent addition to WoW by making zones more interesting, and making people more likely to spontaneously work together.

    3. The Big Bad wasn't the Burning Horde, Lich King, etc. It was the other faction. All the lore, and access to the best gear, focussed on killing the other faction. I doubt WoW will ever supplant raiding with PvP to get the highest tiers of gear, but for at least one expansion, I want to see the Alliance to be enemy number 1 (as a Horde player).

    In WAR, players would fight to conquer zones by completing battlegrounds, PQs, and by capturing world PvP objectives. Each zone has PvE areas, but also a mandatory PvP area should you venture into it. e.g. where the orange area is mandatory PvP, and red areas show areas of conflict between players. The zone control bar is to the right. The proportion of each zone being PvP increases as you level up (that image is of a low level zone).

    By capturing enough zones, the enemy capital would be available to siege, and players could enter a limited time instance to attack/defend said capital. Successfully attacking a capital would unlock the enemy faction leader as a raid instance encounter, and defeating the enemy leader would grant the highest tier of gear. Once the enemy was defeated (or the capital successfully defended) progress would reset and start again.

    Where WAR fell down was assuming people would want to fight for fighting's sake. Instead, the two factions simply zerged different areas of the world, taking the loot without anyone to defend. It also relied on having a high server population which rapidly proved to not be the case. Also, faction imbalances made this very hard to balance. But in concept at least, the idea of pushing the line of battle back and forth across the world, and where world PvP was a constant and natural accompaniment to PvE, is a very attractive idea to me.
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    (Some of these mentioned before)

    From GW2:

    Account banks and ability to access stuff from banks while crafting.

    From GW2/SW:toR:

    Story driven class quests.

    From SW:toR:

    * Companions (with personalities), (though this would demand a total makeover for the existing pet-classes)

    * Huttball and Voidstar inspired BGs.

    That said, as a now casual wow player, I really enjoy the story driven new faction(s), and hope the new one in 5.2 will follow suit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drahm View Post
    FFA pvp. *nerdgasms*
    STV says hi...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nykolas View Post
    You just described RIFT, but without the flooding, they have invaders killing quest npc's and dragons attacking the cities.
    Cool.. I think? I imagine that it's the RIFT concept that it's going on most of the time, where what I'd like to see would be "rare" events. Similar to Galleon, whom I will probably never see.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waltzinblack View Post
    RIFT's complete separation of raid sizes (e.g. different 10 mans from 25 mans, like in TBC, Karazhan was 10-man only, BT etc. were 25-man only)
    I would hate that so much. It would probably make me quit the game in frustration. I liked it in TBC, it wasn't an issue for me then. But now I'd hate it, utterly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drahm View Post
    FFA pvp. *nerdgasms*
    How? In battlegrounds 1v1v1v1v1v1 or what? Just being able to kill the competition while doing daily quests like in GW2 (I think I've heard it is that way, don't know it for a fact)??.

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    Dyes... For. fuck. Sakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roggles View Post
    Dyes... For. fuck. Sakes.
    They have transmog, and most armor has five or six recolors at this point.. and most of the recolors are far, far better than any player recolored mess would be.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    weeell, I don't really wanna see them borrow from other MMO's; except maybe, if its allowed, they could borrow ALOT from TBC and WOTLK. If that's not too much to ask..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drahm View Post
    FFA pvp. *nerdgasms*
    They used to have this back in the beginning. Dishonorable kills. It was pretty awful so it was removed.
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    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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