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    Socket full PvP Power or PvP Resilience?

    So, i'm a WW and i'm debating on socketing full pvp power or pvp resilience. Any comments or words of advice on which i should pick? Thanks

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    It depends. You can go full pvp power. Or run socket bonuses with hybrid gems of Agility, Pvp power. Resil. and Haste/Crit(depending if you use Ascension or not.

    Hybrid examples:

    Agility/Power purple
    Power/Resil Green
    Crit/Power green
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    In most situations, PvP Resillence with socket bonus will yield you the best results.
    Yellow : PvP Resil
    Blue : PvP Power + Resil
    Red : Agi + PvP Resil

    Power is nice and all for big numbers and KBs. But Resil is what will win you the game as healers are less pressured to heal you and can focus CC instead.

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    so gem resilience with the extra stat and aim for socket bonuses as well? That sounds better to me instead of all one way or another. thanks for the tips!

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    pvp resillience > pvp power atm. maybe next patch with new gear and monk changes we could swap to pvp power

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    AS mentioned above, pvp resilience scales alot better an pvp power. since the more you get the higher % of damage is reduced
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    It's not obvious if you are running arena's or just BGs. If you are running arena's then I would say you might want to discuss this with your team. It really comes down to your comp and how you are running it. If you find it extremely difficult to kill during a focused assault, power might be the clear winner, but if you kill easy enough and die too much then resilience is the better candidate. Long story short, there is no easy answer, especially given the lack of info on what you are running.

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    I believe gemming both come close to 10% damage vs 10% reduction. Whatever suits you better I suppose.

    I haven't bothered with 3s this season, so can't say there. Power seems nice for double dps 2s since you rarely get focused, and if you do we have plenty of defensive cds, heals, and peels.

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    I prefer res in 2s and power in 3s, I dont really feel bursty enough to kill things solo will full power so I rely on some good cc and assist dps from my healer and res really helps keep them off those heals and on the dps/cc. In 3s like the poster above said its really about the comp but in my particular 3s I am like 3rd on the focus list so I go full power to do some more dmg during the kill windows.
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