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    Man. Rogues really are in a difficult spot atm aren't they? Last time I solo'd KT I just hit all my imps, grimoire of service, stuns, etc. and everything fell over.

    It seems like Bliz needs to give rogues SOMETHING this expansion, every other class seems to have been reworked.
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    Run in to start the fight then run out of the chamber. I'd recommend running all the way back to the entrance area. Then just wait for each add to become active and kill them at different points of Tempest Keep. That way when they all resurrect, you have time to kill one before another one arrives and aren't overwhelmed. Kael'thas is ezmode when he becomes active.

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    bam there you go. its doable to kill them with killing spree and yes i pulled trash doing them and still came out fine to kill Kael if I wanted too.
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    Quite easy lol... just kill the adds on the previous phase spread around the room, on each corner... so u can kill each before the others reach you. not very... hard if you ask me :P

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    you don't even need a tactic just wear pvp trinket and double cloak (prep) I do it as mutilate all the time. very easy.

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    how I do it:
    Stealth to kt, approach him to aggro.
    Kill each adviser where they spawn. At lower ilvls, as combat, I would KS the mage. (Just spam your ks bind and kill her before any dissorient happens.)
    stand on KT, smokebomb, aoe weapons down with fan.
    On 4 advisor spawn, kill order is: capernian, engineer, thaladred, then sanquinar. My only advice on killing this part is:
    As combat, killing spree should be up again, and you can pre-position yourself to only hit the mage and kill her before conflag happens.
    If you need to, wait out the toy-stun debuff here before killing sanguinar.
    Kill p1 KT, kick a fireball if you want i guess.
    Kill p2 KT, pop ar/sb can down him before he does gravity crap.

    Really all trivial now, the only important part being kill cap 1st. Wear a pvp trinket just in case.
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    You can do this fight inside KT's room now, without many problems, as combat, shaving 5 minutes off the fight. Just get a pvp trinket for the mage's stuns, and use CloS for the engineer's toy debuff, if it becomes a problem. Getting Shuriken Toss also helps.

    I found that using Killing Spree on the mage, when all 4 advisors are up, was nice, since she's the most dangerous of the lot. Spread out where you kill the adds in p1, though you can put add 1 and 2 next to eachother due to their different run speeds. I typically save the "slow" add for last, though the fearing one isn't dangerous either. There's usually a long ass wait before KT activates, after the advisors are dead the second time, so your cd's should be back up for him, and he's not much of a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    I call bullshit.

    You can't do that as a rogue as you'd be stunned for the entire fight unless you use the tactic Neo wrote.
    Wow slow down there tiger, before you have an outburst like that you might want to take a look at your abilities. There is literally only one thing you need to do and that is press Cloak of Shadows. Burn the mage down during the Cloak of Shadows and the whole fight is a trivial snooze fest. This has worked since mid-Cataclysm and still works now in MoP blues.
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    This thread is a joke right? KT is one of the easiest solo bosses. LoS the advisors and win...

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    I don't even bother to LoS, pop blade flurry, as soon as Advisors are up Killing spree = 2 dead. Walk over and punch down the other 2. ezpz

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    Quote Originally Posted by aurpona View Post
    This thread is a joke right? KT is one of the easiest solo bosses. LoS the advisors and win...
    eh its still harder in blues,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanerkin View Post
    I don't even bother to LoS, pop blade flurry, as soon as Advisors are up Killing spree = 2 dead. Walk over and punch down the other 2. ezpz

    Pretty much, Look at my video up there and tbh he should of posted this in the rogue solo thread. Not making a thread on it.

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    If you can't kill KT as a rogue in 5.1 then you're just a trash rogue, sorry. I would've been a little more polite if you didn't attack the first person that responded.

    Utilize your class instead of just being "another" rogue that complains about how things are "impossible"

    Here's what I do because I'm not terrible.

    Pull Thaladred and Sanguinar as far away as possible from their spawn, still inside KT's room. No "pull to entrance" bull crap. Pull them ~200 yards away. Kill them on top of eachother.

    Kill Capernian where she stands, and kill Telonicus anywhere.

    Kill the weapons like a good rogue.

    Here's where you showcase your talents. If your combat, Killing Spree Capernian. It will kill her. If you're assassination, you have two options.
    a) Mutilate, Rupture (Arcane Explosion), Shadow Step, Mutilate. Dead!
    b) Shuriken Toss her to death from ranged. Takes ~5 STs.

    Congratulations, you've eliminated your 9 second disorient.

    Now kill Telonicus! b-b-b-b-but Toy! Cloak it off after Telonicus is dead.

    Kill Thaladred and Sanguinar. Kill Kael'Thas! If you're really that worried about the 9 second disorient that KT will do, full CP Recuperate.

    I can't believe I actually went above 3/10 on the mad scale and had to respond to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Killing Spree doesn't make you immune to stuns and doesn't deal nearly enough damage to kill anything on its own, especially not raid bosses.
    Um, yeah it does make you immune to stuns... it also makes you immune to disorients meaning nothing can stop you gibbing whichever you use it on.

    I have been gibbing the caster with it since 5.0 at level 85 before the official mists launch when they buffed KS. You will want a pvp trinket anyway for kael later, use it if you get stunned after the KS. A single stun after you gib her with KS shouldn't kill you either if you pop CR at the start of the phase (will last long enough to kill all of them) even with the rest of them beating on you..

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    this is really easy since 5.1. Just kill the 4 advisors in 4 different corners of the room. Kill the weapons, and when the advisors spawn, kill the woman first. Pop all of your cd's to nuke her down, and equip a pvp trinket to break the disorient. After this, kill the guy whos constantly hitting you. When this is done, kite the walking guy with shuriken toss. When he is dead, kill the engineer. Remember to save cloak for the stun debuff. A good advice would be going with prep. This makes you able to cloak the first stun debuff as well, so you dont have that during the weapon phase. pop prep and wait with cloak untill you are going to face KT himself.

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    Ok, from now on I'll get a combat spec before I go back in there so I dont need to do the special uber tactic as assassination.

    How is combat with daggers tho? dont got a slow MH on my rogue

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    Awful. Get even a cheap fist weapon, it's better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nryka View Post
    Awful. Get even a cheap fist weapon, it's better.
    Eh, If he has a 502+ dagger for a mainhand its a little better than blue.

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    first i always used the pulled out of the room tactic, but that takes so much time.
    now i just take the first 2 advisors to the other side of the room, kill them there, kill the mage in the middle and the last advisor behind the boss.
    after the weapons are down, i start on the 1 behind the boss, when he's down the mage is near and casting on me, usually i use shadow step or ks to get near and down fast. when she's down the other 2 are on me as well but no big problem anymore.

    when i first tried kt i had most problems with mage as she disorientates and bounces you away from her, which is a hell for melee.
    but best advise i can give is try splitting them, if low on gear go to other rooms else just spread around the room.

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    I kill the 3 melee guys close to the entrance into the room, and the mage right where she spawns.

    I go hide behind the entrance so I'm LoS, the 3 melee guys run up to me and I BF+Killing Spree them down all at the same time. It leaves just the mage and I spec into the shuriken throw so I just solo her and build up slice and dice. Soon as she falls over I burn KT, I can do it without taking more than 20% of my health.

    I have a 499 ilvl

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    When u start fight run to entrance and kill there 1st 2 small bosses, then run back to kael room and kill last 2. WHen they all 4 come you will have to deal with 2 then the other 2

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