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    Quote Originally Posted by Redlikemyrage View Post
    Easy easy easy... I wasn't defending Blood Fear. I was simply saying that using duels in a PvP balance discussion is folly. Nothing more, nothing less. Try not reading too much into stuff next time, hmm?
    We are defending the Nerf of Blood Fear.
    We are agreeing with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by the0o View Post
    We are defending the Nerf of Blood Fear.
    We are agreeing with you
    Lol... I am dumb. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by dercaderca View Post
    PvP is a joke atm. Burst and CC are completely out of control. I can't say they don't care at all though, at least their fixing blood fear!

    I don't understand your point. Triple stun in row + silence + fear + silence again is very fun

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    Pvp will never be balanced in a Pve game. It sucks but that's the truth.
    Quote Originally Posted by Validity View Post
    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalan View Post
    I don't understand your point. Triple stun in row + silence + fear + silence again is very fun

    trolling : no
    sarcasm : yes
    Watchu talkin' 'bout?

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    What do you expect is going to happen to PVP when they do the biggest overhaul of the talent system the game has ever seen - especially with regards to utility, survivability and CC talents? Of course it's broken. It'll take ages to balance.

    And it's not so much that they don't care about PVP, more that they don't care as much as they do about PVE. PVP is tacked onto WoW, it's nice and all but it'll always be the poor cousin to PVE.
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    pve game lol they only have to make top guild sponsors happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemerus View Post
    you guys must need glasses if you havent seen and noted all the massive pvp fixes and changes they done so far in the expansion and how they are pushing in world pvp as an option in your normal dayli quests run.
    shame that my class hasnt changed since cataclysm and that dk's as frost the only high dps specc is squishy as fuck, so yeah pvp is broken to me cos devs think frost dk's dieing in 5 seconds is fine and ghostcrawler even admitted they are ignoring us cos of the wrath beta bullshit

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    Pvp will never be balanced in a Pve game. It sucks but that's the truth.
    it can be if they seperate talents but in typical blizzard style they always say we dnt have the technology or resources to do that if we went back to the future by 1000 years would still be the same the problem to me isnt theres no resources or technology its the fact blizzard ddevs are lazy, why do you think they made transmog in 4.2 so they can make half assed shit gear and think ahh they will just mog it into tier 2 or 3 or whatever

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    "You said that this would be the alliance vs horde expansion."

    "We didnt really mean pvp you know?"

    Well like i care, wpvp is a fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koekai View Post
    @ Dercaderca. Instead of being happy about blood fear being nerfed, get some skills and interupt casts.
    You must be the greatest player in the history of WoW if you can interrupt blood fear.

    Quote Originally Posted by koekai View Post
    blood fear was all we had
    Use your normal fear?

    Quote Originally Posted by koekai View Post
    if you can't beat a destro lock in a duel then you're just kinda bad, no offence.
    I don't recall saying I can't beat a destro in a duel, not that dueling means a damn thing anyways.

    What I meant by my original post was at least blizzard is somewhat realizing theirs way to much CC(especially instant) and they kinda(maybe?) want to do something about it and they're starting with blood fear.

    PS Blood Fear was fucking retarded.
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    I PvP still, but mostly engage in just WPvP and Battlegrounds, and I hate doing arena. I play a Warrior, but even then, I hate going against comps that are all FotM comps/classes and getting CCed to death most the time. That's why I stick to more players in PvP, cause means more possible outcomes instead of the FotM comp winning!
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