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    Project <Fifty> Level 50 Classic Vanilla Raiding Mc/AQ10 Cleared

    We've Currently Downed Ragnoras and Ossirian the unscarred and are 1/8 in Bwl with razorgore down and progressing more this weekend
    We're looking for more people and have done much theorycrafting have chardevs already made for the best in slot gear and what you need if you wanna join you can post here or in one of the threads below. We'll be redoing Aq10 Molten core with newer people. We raid every Friday and Saturday. Fridays more of the casual revisiting and perfecting the old stuff we haven't done while saturdays are our progression days. Since we only need numbers even if you aren't done gearing you may come. More info is down below in the associated threads. Although it may seem like with all the new gear alot of these fights would be easy but i can tell you we've been doing this for ever and year and are just now finishing MC with the eu only starting to enter
    Moam Kill Vid- --REMOVED--
    Ossirian Kill Vid - --REMOVED--


    We're Currently Recruiting just about anyone and everyone your server doesn't matter we need more people before we continue in Blackwing Lair as they buffed Vaelstrasz and the dps required is 3x that of what it was in vanilla so we need alot more people. He wasn't called the guild Breaker for nothing people

    if you want more info
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