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    [H] 4/6 H HoF LF Warrior Tank/Exceptional DPS

    Exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of class demand.

    Basic Information:
    Guild: Warfare – http://www.warfareguild.us
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 6:30pm PST to 10:30pm PST (will sometimes add Sunday's due to holiday's/cleanup etc.)
    Raid Size: 25-man
    Loot System: EPGP

    Recruitment Contact:
    Azràel (in-game or via battletag bennehoe#1660)
    Sunna (in-game or via battletag kleinekatze5#1155)


    Our Expectations

    Our guild's fundamental goal is hardcore progression on a relatively limited schedule (3-4 nights/week). Players who fit in well with our guild show the following qualities:

    You are dedicated to the same goal as us - progression. You're expected to put forth the required effort to maintain your character in a raid-ready state. This means obtaining the best gear you can obtain with full, proper gems and enchants, and any reputation necessary to maximize your character. We also expect you to show up prepared with full consumables for every raid, money for repairs, and whatever other special requirements the officers set for you.

    We expect 90% raid attendance from all raiders. If you have serious, permanent issues with our raid days/times, we aren't interested. Your computer and connection also need to be able to handle both current and future content.

    We expect you to fully understand the mechanics of your class. Discussion with other raiders is encouraged, but you shouldn't be relying on others to teach you how to play your class. You must also have a full understanding of each boss fight in which you expect to participate. You should also know what a World of Logs parse is and how to get one.

    It's also a bonus when hybrid DPS have a viable raid offspec for those rare occasions when one of our full-time tanks/healers have to miss a raid.


    How to apply

    To fill out an application, please visit our web site at http://www.warfareguild.us

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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