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    Heroic Lei Shi - 3 tank 10 man strategy/video?

    Hello MMO-C,

    My guild will be doing HC Lei Shi tonight on 10-man.

    I was hoping any of you could point me in the direction of a kill video where they use 3 tanks, one of which is a blood tank for stack/add tanking duty (with stuns).

    If there are no videos available maybe one of you could detail the strategy a bit more for me?

    Would be greatly appreciated!


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    I was the druid tank(3rd tank stacker) in the video. Basically... We had our monk healer and hunter stacking until about 10 stacks, and then they would drop. I would continue gaining stacks all the way to 20. It is up to the 3rd tank to be aware of timers. When to refresh for scary fog.. etc.

    I would also tank the protector... Making sure to stunx2(bear hug + bash) so that I would only ever take 1-2 hits max. Later one its important to kite as to not take 2 hits as it will likely one shot you with the massive debuff. However, they melt quickly with the stacks. Just be mindful of your CDs and its not a problem.

    It probably only took us 4 attempts with this strat until we killed it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    This strat makes the DPS requirement an absolute joke but is slightly rough on your healers.

    Our Comp was:

    Blood DK
    Bear Druid

    Holy Paladin
    Resto Shaman

    Affy lock
    Arcane Mage
    Enhance Shaman
    Blood DK (stacks)

    Out atm - might post a diagram later.

    Lock took stacks to ~10 and we utilised a well plaed warlock port to get in striaght away for the get aways. The lock would do the first get away and then drop his stacks when he got to around 10.

    DK sits out whole time just building up stacks and dpsing with icy touch, DnD, Death Siphon, death coil. Use defensive cds like AMS/Vamp Blood all the time.

    DK tanks the adds right on the edge of the circle so melee can still nuke it and deathgrip and asphyxiate/remorseless winter are handy to have. At 10+ stacks the adds should die in only a few seconds. At 20 stacks you need to be very careful and save IBF/Vamp blood DRW etc for the adds - even kiting works well. They melee you for around 170K at 20 stacks so they will kill you very quickly if they aren't stunned.

    You need to run out roughly when your debuff has 15 seconds left on it to be safe. This should give it plenty of time to refresh or you can step in and out watching your scary fog timers if you're good. You need to be very careful of watching your special timers. If you do not refresh your stacks and then a special like hide comes up it can be very dicey and you could lose your stacks. If you lose your stacks it's over.

    Our enhance shaman would Guidance every Get Away. Its very important to have the debuff on the boss only when its a get away to make it last only ~10 seconds. You'll want CDs like Healing Tide or SLT/Ascendance/SW Grace during these times staggered to counter the insane damage from get away. The first 2 getaways can be very rough, having your dps save the CDs for that is good to counter it.

    When the boss gets to around 45-40% you'll probably get a Hide then Protectors. After this is when you'll want to lust and get a really good burn on the boss and you'll probably still have lust up for the next get away that comes. DK still needs to run out when theres ~15 seconds on his debuff to refresh it even then.

    Really easy fight. Took us maybe 4 attempts
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    Here's another POV if you like (mage) with 3 tanks. Our Monk tank sits out with a hunter until about 10 stacks each, then the Monk only from then on.


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