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    [A] Primarch Galakrond-US 6/6H 4/6H 4/4

    We are currently seeking any and all talented Players

    Hey everyone,

    <Primarch> located on US-Galakrond (Alliance) is now opening recruitment for Mists of Pandaria primarily seeking Mages and Ele Shammens

    About Us

    Primarch was originally a 10 man guild from the server Medivh that transferred here in hopes of finding new life with our core team. We saw a server that was heavily one sided and we wanted to bring some competition to a server that was already in the depths of the progression list. We are here to promote competition and hopefully set an example for other players on this server aspiring to be hardcore raiders. We are a guild that takes pride in uncovering the truth in optimization, we take no pride in who is right, more so that someone has the right answer. A guild can only succeed if the members of said guild are humble. No title, seniority benefit, or affiliation entitles ones opinion over the other. We are here to simply: kill bosses, and look pretty doing it. At the present time we are a 10 man guild, and carry a 15-16 man rotating roster to optimize the group comp for each fight.

    Raid Times and Attendance

    We raid Tues-Thurs from 10 pm-1am EST (7-10 pm PST) along with a half-night on Sunday or Monday from 11:15 pm-1 am if pushing progression. We take our progression seriously, and the biggest impediment we've had this tier comes solely from attendance. As such, we maintain a fairly high attendance rate from all raiders. Of course, RL happens, but we do require forewarning whenever something comes up.


    We are currently using a loot council system to ensure that loot is distributed in a way that maximizes its benefit to the raid.

    Notable Achievements:

    Notable Guild Achievements:

    Previous Tiers:
    -Heroic Ragnaros Realm First: 11/11/11
    -Heroic Morchok Realm First: 12/7/11
    -Heroic Yor'sahj Realm First: 12/28/11
    -Heroic Ultraxion Realm First: 1/12/12
    -Heroic Zon'ozz Realm First: 1/20/12
    -Heroic Hagara Realm First: 1/27/12
    -Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn Realm First: 3/1/12
    -Heroic Spine of Deathwing Realm First: 3/7/12
    -Heroic Madness of Deathwing Realm First: 3/22/12

    Current Tier: Tier 14
    -Heroic Stoneguard Realm First: 10/17/12
    -Heroic Feng the Accursed Realm First: 10/16/12
    -Heroic Gara'jal Realm First: 10/26/12
    -Heroic Elegon Realm First: 11/5/12
    -Heroic Four Kings Realm First: 11/16/12
    -Heroic Will of the Emperor Realm First: 11/29/12
    -Heroic Vizer Realm First: 12/10/12
    -Heroic Blade Lord Realm First: 11/19/12
    -Heroic Garalon Realm First: 12/14/12
    -Heroic Wind Lord Realm First: 12/17/12

    What We Expect From You

    - Not a loot [email protected]#$% (biggest thing)
    -Thorough understanding of your class and role in the raid
    - Preparation before the raid night (flasks, pots, boss strats, etc.)
    - Good attitude (wipes happen, we don't need to hear complaining 5 wipes into a new encounter)
    - For dps, it is recommended that you have a few WoL ranks to your name in the current tier.

    If you have any interest in joining or just questions in general, please throw up an application at primarchraiding.enjin.com or add Renerock or Azereoth on realid: [email protected] or [email protected]
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    Looking for atleast 5/6h progressed raiders.

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    Desperately seeking Mages and Holy Paladins

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