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    [MW] PTR 5.2 First Impressions

    I was on PTR last night and I tested a little bit the change on talents lvl 30. I don’t know but it’s now kind of op heals cd. They cost no mana, they heal double! From my gear on raid, for example chi burst and chi weave and zen sphere (exploding) heals about 100k on critical.
    Of course with this blizzard can control better the use of this spells. But telling something chi xx and chi xxx and no use chi for that… its kind weird, don’t you think?
    About the healing sphere is a very good addition, heal 50% of the valor helps a lot and it will be possible mastery become more important that crit.
    I know is just the first day, and monk will change a lot until the release of the patch, but know things are more likeable.
    I still want a reduction damage raid cd, but it’s just a wish…
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    Zen sphere 100k?
    Int of 18.269 and the explosion is healing for 42k. that is before aoe cap (since it was on a single target) meaning that the healing still isn't awesome.
    Casting a second Zen Sphere on the same target causes it to still detonate btw.

    As for the other 2 options. Chi Burst does seem decent but a 30 second cooldown means it probably wont be up for every big aoe burst meaning that we are stuck trying to get by with uplift tho i suppose you can alternate TFT and Chi Burst to some degree.

    some more numbers, Chi Burst 76k and Chi Wave 66.7k.

    I liked the concept of Zen Sphere a lot (allowing you to put 2 orbs on the raid prior to aoe phases so they can pop for healing during it) but I think the healing will be to low making Chi Wave and Burst a better alternative.

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