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    DPS issues

    Hey guys I came back from a good 3 month break since I levelled my DK to 90

    Been taking my time gearing him back up to a decent Ilevel. 471 atm

    Anyway ive been reading up on guides and specd into frost , been getting around 50-60 k dps on a average fight... now I feel my dps is some what low for the ilevel I am at, anyway you guys could tell me if im doing something wrong.

    My rotation is -

    KM is used for ob
    KM is used for FS if its going to take to long for OB to come back around
    FS when rune capped
    35 % soul reaper
    Rime proc HB

    Link to my Armory if you guys could point out any flaws for me it be great.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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    I don't really think your dps is low for the gear you have. If you could provide some log I could be more helpful.
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    Yeah its definitely not exceptionally low. Can I get a link to your armory? To see stuff like if you are DW or Frost what stats you are going for and if the priority you are using is right

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    At ~482 ilevel with a 497 weapon I was pulling 75k (around what I simmed.) For the info you gave, everything seems fine.

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