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    What an absolutely insane size this raid is going at- you can definitely feel that this raid houses creates out of the ordinary size (more so than oversizing trolls in Mogu'Shan etc ) - Anywho, looking well forward to this!

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    Still bugged like crazy. Right Click interaction doesn't work. Zeppelins doesn't work.


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    Not feeling the top of the raid. Has a 5man quality to it. The caves are nice though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrouswheel View Post
    Not feeling the top of the raid. Has a 5man quality to it. The caves are nice though.

    It should look better on a dark sky

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gangstagore View Post
    Ulduar 2.0 i can feel it
    Tbf, even as a rough draft, Throne of Thunder is making Ulduar pale in comparison.., can't wait to hit this shizzle!

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    looks like a quake 3 map i cant place

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    Sooo big. Sooo nice!

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    The design are nice, the architecture as well, however I'm very disappointed by the colors and tones. Everything is so grey and sober ... it lacks charisma

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    Imagine having to run to every boss from the entrance. No portal or anything.

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    Ulduar is back, WOOHOO, probably just as long too in terms of time to complete.

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    wwwoooowwwwww Throne of Thunder looks AWESOME, seriously best looking Raid Tier in a long time. If the encounters are 1/2 as fun as they look on paper (or a 1/4 as good as that place looks) then I can see Throne of Thunder being one of the best raids ever.

    You can do it blizz!

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    This new raid is awesome. The design reminds me of Hexen... Old good times...

    And yes, it is as epic as Ulduar was in this preview. Not sure yet if it will be as good populated by mobs and bosses though.

    P.S. Don't dare calling this best raid in 8 years. There is nothing better than Karazhan :P

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    First thought that came to my head when I read the name "Throne of Thunder" was Thorim.

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    I dont know why but when i saw Oondasta i started to sing Helter Skelter, except I changed the lyrics up so it goes "Sha of Anger, Sha of Anger, Sha of Anger, you may world boss but you ain't oondasta!"

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    except for the entrance area where it looked a bit too much like a bad movie of a castle in 1800 great britain I was blown away by everything else after that. It looks like a lot of space for trash though, hope they wont overflow it with units...

    I'd give it a 9 out of 10 going by just the looks. if everything else is up to par we might have just seen the first glimpse of the best raid blizz has ever created. but lets wait and see..

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    this place better have teleports

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    Raid looks awesome, getting a feeling of AQ40 with how big the area feels, mixed together with BT (the caves) and Ulduar (/ HoL) for the upper parts. Just hope the bosses turns out as nice!

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    ...Dat cave area in the raid. Someone on the raid development team is owed a drink from me.

    It looks grand. It looks lengthy, it looks astounding. THAT is the raid we've been asking for.

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    /e wonders why so many writes a comment here, dont they know I will win this last and cutiest kitten on them all... /puzzled

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    Doesn't look interesting to me. Dark and cold. Wont be coming back for that.

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