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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post

    Avatar: The Last Air Bender. While not technically anime, in the sense it is not made by one of the major anime companies like Production IG, it is drawn in an anime style. And the movie is pretty bad.

    On the topic of anime adaptations, I am looking forward to seeing this one
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Agree with Dragonball. Nothing have I ever seen a movie butchering the original inspiration so freaking much.

    I do, however, have high hopes for Rurouni Kenshin. I'll still wait and see, but I have a feeling that while it may not be "the best movie evurrrr!!!", that it'll be good enough to be entertaining and not butcher the original.
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    So apperently roroni Kenshin came out last month on DVD worldwide, and its supposed to be good, can't wait to see it.

    Avatar and Dragonball win for worsts.
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    Kenshin made me happy.

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    Dragonball Evolution is a paradox of sorts. While it completely butchers the source material in ways that make me cry, which technically make it the worst adaptation, the movie on its own merits, it's not the worst.

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    Dragon Ball

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cernunnos View Post
    On the topic of anime adaptations, I am looking forward to seeing this one
    Rurouni Kenshin
    I was just flooded with nostalgia. I am so excited for this. Someone subtitle this shit and put it on DVD already!

    OT: Dragonball Evolution was pretty awful; talk about taking liberties with the source material. I never saw the Death Note or Blood movies so I can't compare.

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    Dragonball was awful.

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