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  • Classic

    9 6.00%
  • Burning Crusade

    59 39.33%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    60 40.00%
  • Cataclysm

    3 2.00%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    19 12.67%
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    Best Raiding Era

    I know that this topic may have been discussed many times but I was curious to see how people felt now that MoP is in full swing. When do you think raiding was the best or most fun?

    Personally I feel like it was during the Burning Crusade probably because it was the first time I could raid and it felt better than the newer raids. It maybe just because of the "new" factor it had but who knows.

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    For me it was either The Burning Crusade, never made it past Karazhan, but still had a lot of fun. Or it was Wrath of the Lich King, because I got into serious raiding then, clearning 8/25 on 25man HC in Icecrown Citadel. Can't choose between these two.

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    Burning Crusade... Nothing... absolutely nothing will ever beat that raiding experience. Sucks for those who weren't high end or didn't play then, they missed out on the golden days of WoW.
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    Each of them had its good and bad moments, i can't vote which was the best.

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    I vote Wrath only becuse the fights became a bit more interactive and it was a nice change after raiding through all Vanilla, and BC content. However as Crackerjack stated, BC was the true golden age. The raids where done on a really grand scale and the boss fights had a way of makeing you feel really small in the grand scheme of things but also gave you a since of power when you conqured them.

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    Voted for MoP raiding. Mainly due to being a semi-core end-gaming guild, finally.

    Also because I feel like the mechanics & abilities in raiding has become more interesting and more challenging.

    Burning Crusade was good cause there was always someting new to strive for when you had completed one of the raids.

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    For me personally it was TBC, because thats when I found out about the raid scene and focused on it highly. (I also only started playing wow a few months before TBC released so it was all very much still new to me)

    I think alot of people tend to choose the expansion they really got involved in, as their favourite era of wow, because it is new and exciting.
    On the other hand, Illadin was a huge lore character from my point of view (love nelf lore) so that also made raiding and reaching BT all the more special for myself.
    Not to mention the raid team of guildies that are my long time friends now, we didn't use vent or teamspeak, everything done in raid chat, fantastic team work, no raging at one another

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    TBC and WotLK.
    But that has nothing to do with the game itself, but more with me and my guild.
    I started in TBC with Karazhan, Black Temple, Mount Hyjal and Sunwell Plateau in my first guild ever.
    They finally "disbanded" after Naxxramas, so I missed Ulduar and ToC and I rejoined a guild with Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum.
    We got into some issues with 4.0 and stopped raiding before Firelands.

    Both times we stopped raiding due to babies, work, education and a few people moving on to other games.
    Nowadays I don't even have the time to commit myself so many nights a week.

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    BC, without any doubt, question, or hesitation.

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    I agree with a lot of what most of you are saying. Most people will love their first raiding expansion the most because it still had that feeling of being at the top for the first time and now having the ability to take part in end game content. I also think it's reasonable to like the newer content because of the polish and more advanced mechanics available to the programmers.

    On a side note I have not done too much of MoP raiding so if anyone can give me a good comparison between MoP and BC that would be appreciated.

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    BC was best, but in terms of high end competition and really pushing progression right now is quite a few steps up from then.

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    BC > all


    What cracks me up is that of all my friends who started playing in vanilla or during BC, NO ONE of them have made a single complaint about the dailys being "grindy".
    Some other fellas who started in wotlk or cata on the other hand, my god do they cry about them...

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    TBC defo was the best, 10man raids and 25 man raids were different instances not flip a switch and do the same content 4 times a week, like what wrath started to offer.
    Only Rift offers this now, which is ashame since early wow has many fond memories for me.

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    i can say BC was great on raiding enviroment, doing attunments, fighting againts epic bosses in the story of warcraft but in difficulty, from tier 4 to 6 MOP is harder , just comparable with sunwell, the diference between BC and MOP is that in BC there was not that much information, guides and "raiders" as today...

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    I have to say TBC since that is when I started and it was all shiny and new to me. No matter how much polish or changes made that cannot be recreated. There are still plenty of things that I will not miss about TBC as well to be perfectly honest.
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    A serious fight between TBC and WotLK. Both expansion had amazing raids (with the exception of all lair raids and ToC).

    I'll have to go with WotLK, it has better designed boss fights and the best of all.... hard modes. Atleast during Ulduar

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    Hmmm, divided.

    Raid content wise, TBC was the best, no doubt.
    Raid raid wise? vanilla, nothing comes close to it.
    40 man? hell yeah, screw 10 or 25.
    Those were the golden days, where raiding was as much about what you did there as what you did before the raid, 40 people was an awesome social experience and complexity that cannot be done with 10 man setting (4 horsemen is a good example, cata "naxx" was not naxx)
    Not to mention the age of ignorance, when there werent a billion mods raiding for you nor were there test realms in which you would learn the fight, it was raiding in its essence, wipe for 2 weeks to be able to learn and master a boss, many dont like it, but nothing after that gave the feeling of accomplishment having to suffer so much to kill a boss it gave in vanilla.

    Also, call me crazy, but i liked class roles (not talking about trinity, i mean roles), hate the homogenization.

    Anyway, it was flawed as hell, but that is what made it fun.

    But yes, content wise, purely content and not feeling, TBC was the best.
    Cata was horrid, wrath had 1, arguably 2 good raids, mists is... ok.

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    Even though I agree that people who have played during BC tend to be fine with dailies, they are not designed as well as they were. Most of the daily areas in BC were for vanity items such as Netherwing or the Skyguard one and only provided a small PvE or PvP upgrade. The only one that I can think of on the top of my head was Ogrilla that helped a player's performance. The main reputations were largely based on dungeon completing and served as a secondary incentive for doing dungeons. Overall, I feel that a mix between the old and new designs would be the best for people wanting a choice between the two.

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    I'd say probably Cataclysm or TBC.

    Karazhan was always fun. I always looked forward to raiding and it was never a chore to show up. Firelands had one fight that made it great for me the rest were annoying to do. Heroic Ragnaros made FL fun for me; it was a really challenging fight that was fun to do every week. You had to know your shit.

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