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    Should I wait it out for disc or just give up?

    1) Pvp thread. Don't care how good disc is in pve
    2) I have some exp 1900-2k
    3) I want to heal so not going shadow

    So should I wait it out and hope for buffs? Or should I level my 80 druid or 80 pally?
    Even thinking about starting monk with all the 5.2 buffs.

    Is there still hope for pvp disc?

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    The season is over half way done (at least, average season length is 28 weeks). They're not going to re-balance the game at this point.

    Furthermore you won't catch up with gear right now on a fresh alt. You'd be much too far behind.

    I'd say your options are to level alts in preparation for 5.2, stick with your priest, or just unsub until the next season.

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    Well, I waited for Resto Druids to be fixed through the whole shit expansion Cataclysm. Trust me, its not worth it...

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