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    Fistweave IN raids ?

    my question is kinda obv.

    how many bosses have you found u self going fistweave compared to doing healing the entire fight ?

    im doing 10 man healing, as a monk. and is trying to find the best way of a monk doing msv - hof - toes.
    i cleared it on my main. now trying as a healer monk.

    i find my self just standing and healing not doing "dps" not so offen.
    and i dont see the time comming when its the best to do. mainly you always now almost 2 heal everyhing.
    and then u need to have around 40k+ healing give or take.

    i cant even be close to thoes numbers as Fistweaver ? ( is this just me ? )

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Sympen/simple yes its just my alt. so proff is not in top

    Help this sad monk abit thx.
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    I'm usually always fistweaving most fights. It's just passive healing as long as you maintain Serpent's Zeal near 100%. You're gonna be standing there doing nothing but white swinging most of the time but it's a HUGE mana saver. I haven't done any of the fights this tier on 10, but I'd expect you're going to be doing more single target healing in 10s with Soothing Mists. In 25s, I'm usually just chilling in melee with auto attacks/Renewing Mists/Uplift/Chi Burst. Only fights I usually don't fistweave on is Garalon and Will since your raid is generally stacked and you can spin-to-win for those fights.

    Looking at your armory link, go for crit>mastery. And get your haste to 3128 in Tiger Stance for the extra HoT tick. Crit is more reliable than mastery right now for Mana Tea stacks and burst healing. Other than that just practice.

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    First off, the 40k+ is just an arbitrary number. You don't NEED to hit 40k. If everyone is avoiding the avoidable, your numbers should be MUCH, MUCH lower than a good chunk the tops logs on world of logs. Most of those fights, someone stepped in something, a raid (mitigation) CD wasn't used, or someone didn't dispel something right away, causing damage that needed to be healed, which was otherwise perfectly avoidable. Healing logs are not as reliable to compare with when just looking at the HPS simply because of that.

    Also, depending on your healing partner your numbers might be lower based on the other class you are healing with. This is because when fistweaving, and even caster healing, your heals are basically all HoT's, aside from Surging Mist and Uplift. Yes, I count Soothing as a HoT for the purpose of this: While you wait for the channel or the HoT to tick, your healing partner can get a few low/medium cast/cost heals off and top the guy off before you have a chance for a few ticks to heal the guy, which lowers your numbers. Keep that in mind. We excel at AoE healing, so fights where there isn't a whole lot of AoE damage going out aside from easily avoidable stuff, expect your partner to be higher on the meters.

    Lastly on the meter bit: Meters don't matter too much... what matters is that the boss dies, right?

    Most of the fights are fistweavable, even some HM's. Fights like Will of the Emperor (2 healing, both normal and heroic), add phase on Shek'zeer, and add phase of Lei Shi I find myself caster healing more than fistweaving, but I pretty much fistweave everything else. Sure, I might not hit top log parses, but then again, as soon as my group gets the mechanics down, they are pretty decent about avoiding the avoidable.

    Remember when fistweaving, you are NOT DPS. You are a healer that happens to melee the boss for Chi, and to help your heals. Jab for the guaranteed Chi. Tiger Palm and Blackout Kick for the buffs. Beyond that, heal. If damage is light, sure, throw more TP's and BoK's in place of Uplifts & level 30 talents, but remember, you are a healer. At minimum however, stand in melee, no matter what "type" of healing you do. Monks are considered melee in all 3 specs, so we can avoid crap like Tay'ak's tornadoes.

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    Thx for the answers.. helps alot.

    so u kinda depening on the raid to be good rather then u being the saver of the day

    can u boys tell me some reason not to stack 2 healer monks in a 10 man raid.
    i said no to the person asking me that question.. but tbh i dindt have a really good answer on it.
    best answer was the lack of mix utility in raid then.

    Jekerdud - What do u spent your CHI on mainly when buffs is up.. so fare i went for chi wave - and 2nd tiger palm ?

    Sympen - over and out

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    Monks can certainly work together, it's not even close to optimal but that shouldn't matter until later in progression. The biggest reason not to is you'll be denying yourselves some powerful healing CDs, since we don't bring a whole lot in terms of that. Also Uplift should be your main Chi spender, though I really do like Chi Wave in 10s when the tank takes some damage.

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    Pretty much what lewbowski said, you'll want another class for the raid CD. Monk CD's are lackluster in comparison to a lot of the better ones, such as Devotion Aura. However, cooldowns such as revival are much better in 10 man than they are in 25 man. It's also good to have a class that's decent at single target healing so they can focus the tank while you handle the raid.

    Uplift is my main Chi spender when both buffs are up, however, I've been finding myself trying to keep Chi Wave on cooldown just for that extra single target heal/damage.

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    so how much sprit do u go along with. when doing so much fistweaver ?

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    I'm at 10509 spirit, but on certain fights I will switch gear to pieces that have less spirit and more int, purely because it's hard to run out (heroic gara'jal for example). I'm comfortable with around 9k, but with heroics, more spirit is better for fistweaving. I'm probably close to the point for heroics to where I can start going more for int and less for spirit. Here's my armory if you want to have a look: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rchan/advanced

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    I tend to fistweave whenever there isn't intense damage out and just keep to using RM on cd and spend my chi on damage, but as soon as aoe healing is needed i switch to jabbing + uplifting. some fights i spent the vast majority fist weaving such as H elegon, H wind lord, H Amber shaper and H protectors, virtually any fight with a damage buff makes fistweaving very strong.

    I'm on around ~10400 spirit because i feel comfortable around this spirit amount with my haste, the best thing to do is just learn through trial and error, once you get fist weaving right it's quite an interesting mechanic.
    my armory if you want to see.

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    Fistweaving doesnt mean that you're doing it exclusively, hopefully thats not what you're doing. You fistweave in between heals and during low damage period of the fight. You dont keep spamming blackout kick or jab. You can do it if you have excess mana but that usually isnt the case. Fistweaving mostly means you keep up serpent zeal buff + tiger palm (if you can), most of your eminence heal will come from your auto attacks rather than your bok. And when damage happens you jab for guaranteed chi to burst uplifts or whatever heal you need.
    hello :3

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    Just to avoid confusion in this thread, if we're talking about jabbing for chi with occasional blackout kick to keep serpent's zeal up, and obviously auto-attacks, than pretty much 90% of any fights in raiding.. that's the bread and butter of monk healing.

    If we're talking about a full dps rotation and only rely on eminence healing.. then never.
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