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  • NO! Nothing should eat a poor kitty cat!

    14 28.00%
  • NO! It's cannibalism!

    18 36.00%
  • YES! It's an animal eating an animal!

    11 22.00%
  • YES! I want to see if it'd eat it and then laugh as it does so.

    7 14.00%
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    Animals normaly don't ear there own kind or even different subspecies. A lion will kill a cheeta but doesn't eat it.

    So it wrong not yust acording to man but to the animals aswell.

    Also everyone wo took the last poll option without joking should see a psychiatrist immediatly

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    Big cats will eat each other sometimes, particularly lions eating smaller cats and cubs, because cats are scavengers, but it is usually reserved for lean times (or social progress, in the case of cubs). Still, it's a silly poll, and the OP is just as silly for asking.

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    Ain't nothing wrong with eatin' a little pussy.

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    I never really thought about something like that. My first reaction would be that its sickening, and nothing should eat a cat. But rationally it is just an animal eating another animal. Fact is, cats are edible, and there is nothing unnatural about another animal consuming one, even another cat.

    If the cat knew what it was eating, it would probably choose not to eat it. If it was disguised so that the cat didnt know what it was before consuming it, then youve basically summed up the fast food industry.

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    Cannibalism only applies to humans, so no, it's not cannibalism and anyone saying so is flat-out wrong.

    Now, this is also not the best topic to have here, so we're going to close it.

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