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    Patch 5.2 - Which classes will prevail

    Hey. I would like to hear, which classes / specs people think is going to be strong and perform well. And witch specs/classes are going to underperform and feel weak. ( From a raiding point of view )

    From information gathered from PTR or from reading patch notes, or previous experience with gear scalling etc

    This includes - Healers, dps and tanks.

    AND Of course it's very much up to the skill of the individuel player to perform well, but i would like to hear thougths on what the advantages some classes might have.
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    I don't think they will add witch classes into the game. But if they do, then I think whichever one doesn't die to standing in the water will prevail.
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    Haha, i admit i made a critical error in the head line, tho i can't seem to find where to change it, tho thanks for letting me know:-) And ups and sorry

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    I hope they will not go mad with rapture, spirit shell and divine aegis nerf. If it will be all good (playable, competitible) I will be happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by IRunSoFarAway View Post
    I don't think they will add witch classes into the game. But if they do, then I think whichever one doesn't die to standing in the water will prevail.
    Best thing I've read all morning, even though I missed the original error. +1 for you

    OT: It's a bit early to discuss this in terms of specific mechanics, but if we can draw anything from the class changes post, and the inferred higher iLVL items, I think that we will see some serious improvements in classes that favor secondary stats. Thinking rog, feral, ret for haste scale melee, perhaps DKs? Not sure about healers. Tanks I feel we may see some improvements in BrM's and guardians as well.
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    Well here are my predictions (dibs on FIRE SAID TWUD BE SO ^^)


    Death Knights

    With Prot Paladins & Warriors destroying T14 I think they will bring some love to DK Tanking.

    All other 4 tanks will be strong but we will see a significant performance burst from DK's


    Resto Shamans & Druids have been the so-so healers this tier bringing their utility to a bare minimum combined with their burst HPS. This tier there will be many moments for these to shine.

    Holy Paladins are in a very solid spot and won't budge too much.

    Disc Priests won't really get nerfed but instead for solid parsing it will be back to Spirit/Crit optimising over Spirit/Mastery due to SS scaling as well as the Mastery intake from gear & buffs just puts Crit so much higher for throughput. For the pussy slacky healers, mastery will always be there..

    Holy as always will be the OS Disc healer when the absorbs are unnecessary.

    Monks will just "be there", noone will ever care. It will never bring what the other classes can.


    Fire mages will comeback. It will be a similar copy to DS where Fire & Arcane were very close and were fight dependant.

    Arms might be brought back up to speed, unsure about it's efficiency vs. Fury.

    Unholy might get stronger but same deal as the warrior prediction, unsure if it will surpass Frost.

    Rogues will remain multi-spec.

    Elemental won't change, looks like Enhancement will have another Tier to shine, hope this brings some Enhancement enthusiasm back as well as interesting variation.

    Hunters just derp anyways, noone cares.

    Boomkins will shoot high, they need to be brought back up to scale. Ferals might go slightly down in spec score as they can't keep that competetive or else Druids would be broken if they brought all 4 specs to a solid level of gameplay.

    Shadow will be good, nothing crazy but it will be good.

    Warlocks will be amazing as always, Demo bursting will come back slowly due to gear levels (if people remember, mastery set Demo locks bursting during FL/DS etc).

    Windwalkers will either be like Feral or Enhancement, unsure as of now in my prediction. There might be some new substat scaling making them work differently..so just wait for some nutcase tester to blow our minds.
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    All I know is that the PTR is going to be filled with Windwalker craziness.

    This is without mastery buff with mastery still reforged off of. (pro tip: our rotation includes two abilities that use 2 chi, one that uses 1, and one that uses 3.)

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    I've got my own PTR up and running and i copied my Monk over. And started doing some dummy dps testing ( I can't make links yet, on the EU realms, it's Mistrá on Twisting Nether ) And as you see, my gear is horrible and ungemmed. I used to do 40k steady on the dummy but just by going on the PTR my dps went up to about 62k steady, which is quite a huge increase, so i think WW monks are either gonna get nerfed abit or be near the top for the next patch.

    And for Arcane, witch is right now the top dps, they are going to kill Scorch-Weaving so they are likely to fall abit back, not sure how much tho.

    I agree with you, Vifire, about the healers. I think it's gonna be something like that. Which for me, as my main is MW, is kidna sad. So i might change to WW for this Patch^^
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    If the windwalker changes that are on PTR will make it live the FOTM of the month DPS will be windwalker. I suspect a small number nerf somewhere.

    On the tank department i suspect the tanks will be much closer now. Depends ofc on the fights we will see in 5.2, but with a couple of buffs and nerfs thrown around they will be much closer overall.

    On the healer side I feel that we might actually have a good tier. I think the few changes we have seen so far will bring up the underperforming healers and bring down the overperforming ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vashi View Post
    I hope they will not go mad with rapture, spirit shell and divine aegis nerf. If it will be all good (playable, competitible) I will be happy
    My priest seems to think there buffing disc, so I'm gonna take his word for it.

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    Do we really feel DK tanks are not doing well? As far as I am concerned they appear fine (HC Sha yet to be experienced with the thrash) and certainly in a way stronger position than firelands DK tanking.

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    If the changes to Tigerseye Brew/Mastery for monks go live as they are on the PTR right now, expect to see Windwalkers all over the top of your damage meters.

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