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    Not on purpose. I had to run to get my kid really fast at the start of the fight, came back and put out my all while I was there. I have frozen up a few times recently when a fight started and came back in with about 10% of the fight last. I feel really dirty after this happens but that really isn't me going afk just bad timing.

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    Seeing as I have a g19 keyboard, I simply just macro lightning bolt to fire everytime it gets off cooldown. Giving me like 10 minutes spare time on patchwerk style fights. I have no idea if this works with other keyboards, but this is the afk method I use the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebonj View Post
    Should be ashamed of yourselves.

    What makes you think you're above everyone else so much so that you can expect 20+ other people to essentially boost you through LFR?

    I usually go in with 10+ guildees, and we make sure to kick anyone who is doing nothing/autoattacking.

    Yes LFR is easy, so stop AFKing, help out, and get it done faster. If you're that lazy in a fantasy world I dread to think how bad you are in the real world. Do you get pushed around in a wheelbarrow when you need to get somewhere?

    After reading more and more of this thread....pretty much this. And people wonder why the community of WOW has gone down hill. If you can't spend 45 min doing 3 or 4 tank and spank bosses w/o going AFK you don't deserve loot.

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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiragana View Post
    Sadly its these kind of people that are preventing the devs from adding any kind of challenge to LFR, when most of the raid is afk it would be impossible to kill any slightly difficult bosses.
    I think this is often overlooked when people try to get by on minimal effort in LFR.

    I never go AFK, and I try to at least be doing what I would normally do, I'll eat buff food, take a mastery elixir (not a flask, that's a bit much) and generally be prepared for the fights and most importantly I actually TRY to do the fights.

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    I played through the first 1-2 times when it was new content. I'm pretty much afkish from the 3rd time on. It's actually not so bad because getting no loot doesn't bother you as much.

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    No, i enjoy practicing my rotation and whatnot... and also not being a burden to everyone else like some of these not so useful people here.

    I've tried, but i can't bring myself to it. Whenever i am in there, i want to play.

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    A couple of times I have. More often then not I try not to though.

  8. #148
    I'm doing this right now!

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    I haven't but the other day, one of the healers did, the fucker was on follow - on me!
    Does not compute!

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    No, since im not a giant douchebag
    If i need to afk its for toiletbreak etc and i say that i go afk for a min or 2 and i only do this during trash

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    Well, last night, I went LFR (MGV) with my shammy healer (approximatelly 365 ilvl) only to find that 4 out of 6 healers were afking. So we were dual-healing all the fights. It got pretty tight on elegon and will of the emperor.
    I personally never, ever afk, I try to do the best and top the meters (as dd or healer, doesnt matter), and I HATE this type of people.

    i5-4670k @ 4.5GHz | Gigabyte Z87X-D3H | MSI R9 280 3G Gaming Overclocked @1125/1425MHz | 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 RAM

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    As a tank, its very hard to go afk. People will notice and start yelling all around them, while dps and healers have a much easier time to get away with it.

    Back in Dragon Soul, I AFK'ed pretty much every fight with every alt. Blame Blizzard for making such an incredibly boring raid, that can't keep my eyes open

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    Maybe a small time, when I once went to take a pee.

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    I mostly just heal/dps on the first or the most difficult fight of the run, this means that I'll look okay on any meter showing the overall result and I'll quite frankly contribute more than the average player. I actually tend to get kicked more when I'm at the computer, since I have the nerve of 'trying to teach people how to play' when half the raid falls down on elegon.

  15. #155
    on trash last on boss 1st
    only on tank alts i run faster then usual everywhere

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    every time i die to boss aggro
    And while the cobras dance around your feet like you're a god
    It only takes one bite for you to realize you are not

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    Depending on my mood

    Sometimes I would be lazy and autoattack

    Sometimes I might want to rip the meters and do everything possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    A simple question have you ever pretty much lets say... alt tab and watch youtube or any other activity while you remain ''in the raid'' obviously not doing anything. We've all seen them hell I've done it myself from time to time anyway.

    On trash occasionaly.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Couple times fallen asleep, but on purpose, no, only slacking but not AFK'ed ever.
    Quitting WoW is very similar to quitting smoking.

    Easier then most people think, the hard part is not coming back a few weeks later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synbaby View Post
    This is why lfr was a bad idea from the start, too many people just go afk. Its like botting bgs. You obviously aren't having fun if feel the need to afk through anything in this game, then why play at all. The chance for getting lfr loot is so low anyways, why waste other people's time that do not go afk in lfr.

    Every week on elegon I see 4 or more people take a dive when the floor first disappears just so they can afk. If I'm lucky, we still end up killing the boss, but about 80% of the time we wipe because TOO many people fall...
    LFR was a really good idea. It's just that some "serious" Raiders feel they're far, far, far above it. I imagine most casual players (THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE PLAYING) love it. Plus, it has to exist, otherwise they'd no longer be able to justify spending all that money on endgame content that 10% of the players even look at.

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