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    Damage done Misses
    147924818 0 (0.0 %)

    You hit capped, according to Symer's explanations above that's a bad thing. Bad!

    Actually, on Sha the Dread Spawns require only 12% hit and for affliction dotting them is what makes for a large bulk of overall damage so being at just 12% there is strongly advised.

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    Any idea for which stats we should aim with Supremacy in 5.2?

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    They should stay the same with Haste/Mastery even on single target and Mastery pulling ahead on multiple targets. If you compare SimCraft stats scaling in 5.1 for GoSac and GoSup there's no difference really. The pet itself doesn't scale great with any stats and the value of Int doesn't catch up with Haste/Mastery just because we're using a pet. We'll eventually grab next Corruption tick as well as Agony but I have no idea at what gear point that will happen.
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