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    Did anyone try the buffed "healing tier" talents on the 5.2 PTR?

    I was wondering if pet sack is still the way to go in 5.2 for pvp

    Death siphon is still affected by the target's resilience and you need to damage someone in order to get the heal, plus you lose a potential necro each time you death siphon. Still a very bad skill imo.

    Conversion might actually be good for Frost/Blood. It lasts 20 sec or so with a full rp bar. But unholy needs the runic power to empower the pet, so it's not really an option.

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    The term "pet sack" made me laugh.
    To answer your question partially death pact is still much better than DSi since when you need the health you REALLY need it and being in blood presence neuters our DS/DSi healing potential by capping us only at a few swings for 17-25k health back each, but increases death pact healing since it is also a stam buff.

    That said from what PTR is shaping up to be looks like UH is the new PvP spec De jour. Without the reliance on high RP skills or KM procs to do any damage, UH can sit in blood presence and keep pressure on with diseases/pet/SS until they are able to line up their RP free CDs and burst a target down, unlike frost that is reliant moreso on active damage. This does require the new conversion to work though, as it is our poor man's second wind which may sound odd but it is not terribly hard to get 5 stacks on a pet over a longer period to charge up the burst while camping out in blood presence.

    Ediit: after reading the post it is rather sad that we are a second rate warrior now in PvP :/

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