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    Your assumption is wrong and you should feel bad for making it. Even people with good gear do bot, because they can't be bothered to actually get those achievments, honor kills and conquest points themselves. They're lazy douchebags getting gold and achievments by botting.
    And the reason why they dare to do this is because they feel that there is NO risk to their account and sadly they're right about that. Whatever Blizzard says is a lie, even botter get a three hour ban first that slowly ramps up to an 72 hour ban before being permanent and even then you can write an appeal and will get your account back, several times if your sob story is somewhat believable.
    I don't feel bad at all about pointing it out, because 1. It's not "wrong", because I've heard of others who bot essentially state what I said ver batim, and 2. by pointing out such mindsets, maybe something can be done to cull the botting.

    One reason geared people would still bot (speaking from Cata experience) was to buy crafting mats via honor, then sell them to make gold. I forget how much stuff can be bought with honor that way now (400 honor for a mote of harmony so 4k for a single spirit, that's the only one I remember). Making crafting mats cost a ridiculous amount of honor like that (or not have them available at all for honor) works.

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    tbh if your a real player you can just afk in bg's since bots wont report you use the bots to your advantage get free honor and CP

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