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    Best Ferocity pet

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to know what is the best Ferocity pet to get at the moment?
    After a bit of research the cat came up so I'am assuming that can be any in that family, all pets now do the same dps now correct its just the abilities can change?
    Also theres an agility buff I saw mentioned somewhere from your pet but I'am not sure which one.
    I havent played my Hunter in 2 years now so a bit rusty but glad to see my BM spec is best for dps.
    Thanks for any help.

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    There is no "best pet" anymore. It's all preference and utility now.

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    Any pet can be ferocity now. You should get a:

    - Hyena (10% haste)
    - Corehound (Bloodlust)
    - Sporebat (5% spell haste)
    - Wolf (5% Crit)
    - Cat (3000 mastery) or - Shale spider (5% Stats)

    for leveling and solo you will want the 10% haste.

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    Get a serpent from borean tundra instead of a hyena for 10% haste, they are so much cooler.

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    when solo i use a spirit beast just cause of the heal... and the mastery is not bad either.

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    Ravager (Debuff: 4% increased physcal dmg taken)

    Quilen (Combat Ressurection & Crit)

    Water Strider (Spell Power & Crit)

    Raptor (Weakened Armor)

    Dragonhawk (Magic Vulnerability)

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    As people have said, all ferocity pets do the same damage. I however recommend getting a Spirit Beast for Spirit Heal and a Worm for extra AoE from Burrow Attack.

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    Second or thirding 'get a haste pet'. If you want one pet for every single buff to have in your stables, you'll need ... uh. This list SHOULD be accurate...

    Stats (5% Str, Agil, Int)
    Shale Spider
    Stamina (10% stam)
    Spell Power (10% spell power)
    Water Strider
    Haste (10% ranged & melee haste)
    Spell Haste (5% spell haste)
    Crit Strike (5% crit)
    Wolf/Quilen/Hydra/Devilsaur/Water Strider
    Mastery (+5 mastery)
    Cat/Spirit Beast
    Weakened Armor (-12% armor)
    Physical Vulnerability (+4% physical damage taken)
    Magic Vulnerability (+8% spell damage taken)
    Weakened Blows (-10% physical damage dealt)
    Carrion Bird/Fox/Bear
    Slow Casting (-30% casting speed)
    Mortal Wounds (-25% healing received) *hunter

    Battle Rez

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    In other words, get whatever pet you want, and make him ferocity. All pets offer a buff or a utility ability, all buffs and utility abilities are good.
    - The Hunter's Creed -
    "This is my pet. There are many others like him, but this one is mine. He is my best friend. He is my life. I must master him as I master my life.
    My pet, without me, is useless. Without my pet, I am useless."

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    If your raid has every buff covered, grab a tallstrider. They do an AoE sunder that stacks to 3 instantly, can't beat that!

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    I can't believe no one has replied with the link to Frost's video on this subject.

    Youtube: "best hunter pet"

    And click on the first non-ad video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shmadu View Post
    I can't believe no one has replied with the link to Frost's video on this subject.

    Youtube: "best hunter pet"

    And click on the first non-ad video.
    Already did that once...


    Felt lame to say it again. Even though this thread's question comes up pretty much once a week minimum.

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    There is a best pet clearly.

    Its sporebat.

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    The monkey with the red hat.

    Still have gotten that bastard.

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    Awesome guys thank you, like I said a little rusty after a few years away from the class and didnt see any other links here covering the questions asked.
    Thank you again for the help.
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