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  • I would definitely rejoin for this, I enjoy creativity.

    10 13.33%
  • I might be skeptical of this at first, it might take some time.

    7 9.33%
  • It would take alot of changes to make this work.

    13 17.33%
  • Nah, I don't see it helping at all.

    12 16.00%
  • This is an awful idea.

    33 44.00%
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    I think as a mini-game it would be fun to introduce some sort of small-duration RTS within WoW, using your characters interacting with prominent lore characters etc. Like, say, you have a mission to strike an Orc outpost in Ashenvale, Shandris Feathermoon is under your control, along with your toon, and additional Sentinels. It'd be a stretch though, people would end up complaining about it too. Puzzles and other thinking games as mini-games could also be very interesting. Especially with all the Ancient races in game, having some class or even racial based questline following a combination of scenarios, instances, puzzles, and normal questing could be very engaging.

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    While I have my doubts regarding this idea, player-created content is an extremely unexplored area in WoW and should be focused on more. It only really exists as a major factor in the form of world PvP and on some role-playing realms. Luckily it seems that the game is trying to take steps, albeit very small ones, towards the sandbox model.

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    Solution to lack of content? Quit being lazy, or hire better personnel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post



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    It was done for City of Heroes/Villains, there was some good stuff, but it was very few and far between, with so much crap and broken stuff -

    I honestly think if something like this happened in WoW, I believe the content created would need to tested in house and checked before being released to play publicly.

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