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    Black Tank without tittle?

    Can anyone explain to me how is it possible that some guy has Black Tank mount (legendary bug mount) without having tittle Scarab Lord?

    Here is his armory link:

    In Pets & Mounts you can see that he has this mount, but when you go to achievement tab and then to FoS tab, there is no achievement for getting Scarab Lord.

    So my question is... is it possible to obtain this mount without getting a tittle? It's pretty strange... but maybe this mount can be obtained on BMAH now?

    Discuss please.

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    The character likely has not logged in since Pandaria release. Currently achievements are a bit buggy, such that eg Loremaster and others are randomly re-awarded upon login etc like I am sure many have seen happen since Pandaria release. I would suggest that this is indeed the case here : the character is a Scarab Lord and rightfully has the mount, but the BoA achievements are bugging out on him since he has not logged in since Pandaria release.

    You can see that in his achievement history he has randomly been gaining achievements. Now, these achievements are very obviously earned on a different character on the same account. It stands to reason that the achievement system right now is borked and does not properly update in cases such as this.

    Also, just to make sure: The mount is not available ingame, on the BMAH or otherwise.

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    maybe he got it on another toon, and that toon has the title and the FoS.
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    ^ The FOS is BoA now, so if this was working correctly, he should have it.

    To prove that what I am saying is correct, have a look at my alt who I have not logged in since Cata: eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/azshara/Feuerpfeil/.

    You will see that the only FoS he has is the one acquired through SC2 and his Black Qiraji Battle Tank is not showing up either. In fact, he seems to have no mounts whatsoever beyond the store mount. Since he has not logged in.

    If I logged him in now, I am fairly certain that the Armory would update and show it properly. Or maybe not. Who knows at this point.
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