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    [A] LF 1 Tank for Core [Heroic Progression]

    Guild Name: STYGIAN FETE

    Format: 10-man

    Faction: Alliance

    Server: Whisperwind (PvE)

    Intensity: Semi-hardcore progression

    We are a small group of neighborly adults that love raiding. Most of us have stuck together over the course of many tiers. When we run into a wall on a challenging encounter, we enjoy dissecting fights and trying new methods and combinations until we find just the right approach that's best for our group.

    We house many achievement-crazy people and often make special excursions for the acquisition of more. We don't do much PvP in-house although there are a handful with an interest.

    This is not a recruitment for a bench position. We strive to achieve a familiar dynamic we can count on so we can coordinate and learn more effectively.

    What We Look For:
    1. Class mastery;
    2. Complete set of appropriate glyphs, gems, and enchantments, including profession-based assets;
    3. Adult players are generally preferred;
    4. A lengthy and impressive raiding history is not mandatory; we'll work with players that have the potential;
    5. Likewise, we don't have a minimum gearing requirement; we'll work with players that have the potential;
    6. An attitude supportive of the work necessary to achieve progression. We count on our core members to come prepared to raid and to have researched relevant content.

    Raiding Times:
    Tuesday and Thursday | 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. server time (Central)

    Voice Communication:
    Mumble (for tanking, you will require a functional microphone)

    Katrinka in-game or using Battletag Katrinka#1428.

    Guild web site:
    s t y g i a n f e t e . n f s h o s t . c o m
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