We are Gaming clan called Virtual Identity on medal of honor AA/SH (just starded again after long time inactivity back from 2003.
We lookin for players that want to start a guild under our name so we can grow up bigger .

What we got for you ! ::
complete website where you can discuss and hang around . www.virtualid-gaming.com ( We will upgrade everyday bosskills etc etc )
Public TS server.
And a good friendly atmosphere !

A littlebit about us .
We are 2 brothers who desided to create our old gaming (2003) clan again, back in the days we also known as -nxG' next generation and Virtual[ID].
That time we had good reputation in different games and had best players.
For the rest we love to have good atmosphere. And we wud love to have you to help us grow.
If ur interested in makin ur own guild in world of warcraft with the name virtual identity let us know !
If you want to know more you can contact us at www.virtualid-gaming.com

Thx for reading
Virtual.ID - Silvaking And Virtual.ID - Amazed