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    Dungeon Keeper 2 on Windows 8 ?

    Hi People!

    For some time I've wanted to get my hands back on a game from my youth which I have loved ... Dungeon Keeper 2 !

    The game is available on gog.com (good ol' games) and there also are some user reviews ...
    within those reviews one can read that DK2 keeps crashing randomly on Win7 and runs really really bad ...

    for some time now I use windows 8, i remember some microsoft guy saying that windows 8 has one of the best compatibility modes ever ... and so i was wondering if that version von DK2 runs smoothly on windows 8 where it would fail on win7 ...

    you see, i don't want to spend about 10 bucks for a game that maybe won't work at all... so i hope that someone here has some experience with this game and can give me some advice

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    In general if the GoG says it works for Win 8, it should.

    I've never had any sort of crash issues with the games they sell.

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