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    I really do wish this game had succeeded

    As the title states, I really do wish this game had succeeded, to the point where I feel sad at the state its in now.

    I bought the game when it first came out, I got two characters to level 50 and enjoyed the leveling experience immensely. PvP was alright, not as good as the WoW, but I figured all that could be ironed out, over the months after release.

    Then I got hooked on the Guild Wars 2 hype train and it kind of ruined the fun of SWTOR for me. I no longer saw SWTOR as the MMO for the next several years, but the MMO for the next few months until GW2 was released.

    However when GW2 came out, I hit 80 in like 3 weeks, full time job, married, other hobbies etc.. the game was so hallow that there was nothing at all to do. I loved the first 20-30 levels, but after that it was pretty boring, I kept telling myself "No, no, this has to be the game, and it will be better when im max level". Nope. I don't even consider it an MMORPG, its a console game.

    So now, I play Mists of Pandaria, and while I am thoroughly enjoying my Windwalker Monk quite a lot, I look back on SWTOR and think.. that game, is probably the only MMO since WoW that actually had incredible potential.

    When I heard the news about Disney purchasing Lucas films and that three more Starwars were on the way, I wondered if there was any chance at a re-release, a major overhaul to every aspect of the game, that could bring SWTOR back for a second try at release. However I know thats a pipe dream.

    Anyway, I just thought I would vent, back to the 8 year old game because its unfortunately still the best.

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    You talk more about GW2 and WoW in a post that is suppose to be about SWTOR......

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    To my mind it did succeed. It didn't come close to meeting my initial expectations/hopes but ultimately I wanted an MMO I could enjoy playing longterm. In that it succeeded (t'was touch and go for a while there though ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusher View Post
    There is plenty to criticize with the game and BioWares handling of it without resorting to exaggeration, so let's not do it : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munashe the Cheetah View Post
    Anyway, I just thought I would vent, back to the 8 year old game because its unfortunately still the best.
    While I understand what you are trying to do, creating a new thread and then posting what you did isn't really a great idea on these forums. There were plenty of other threads to express this opinion in, but this is a little too game vs. game if you ask me. I mean just look how you closed the post. *shrug*

    It basically just feels like a long advertisement for WoW. I'm sure you had good intention, but yeah...

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    I still want this game to succeed because I don't ever want to go back that 8 year old game again. My skin gets all crawly when I think about it.
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    I wish it succeeded too.

    I had such bright hopes for this game unfortunatly because of its buggy rushed start it didn't catch on and now it has to resort to F2P...

    They stumbled right after the start with not fixing things fast enough, too many bugs and since they were so busy with that they didn't give much hope to a lot of people and they left.

    I think a smoother start would have made all the difference. Maybe if they held off on an official release for a couple months working hard on bug fixes in beta it would have made a difference.

    I was perfectly fine with the game not being everything WoW was, WoW had 7 years to perfect thier stuff so I gave Bioware the benifit of the doubt for quite some time.

    Considering there are still lots of glitches from launch still present (every time I use Kira or Scoruge many times thier lightsabers are on when its on thier belt and when i dismiss them their lightsaber hangs around) I now believe they hired highschool dropout programmers or something.

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    I think the OP would be better suited in one of the many threads already started like this one for example:


    I don't think we need yet another one closing this one.
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