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    Healing Macros

    I was watching one of kollektivs videos a few days ago and he has heals binded to certain players.
    Does anyone know how to do that, or have a list of kollektivs macros?


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    I'm not sure for Kollektiv, but I know that Cdew uses the default Blizzard target party 1, target party 2 binds. (F1 for self, F2 for party 2, F3 for party 3). That is changed in the keybindings menu. Means you can press F2, then cast your heal etc.

    A macro you could use though, if you wanted separate heals for each party member (seems pointless though), could be:
    /target [target=party1]
    /cast Riptide

    and this can be shortened to:
    /cast [@party1] Riptide

    Obviously just changing party1 for party2 in the second macro.

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